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Beyonce’s National Anthem Gets a Bad Lip Reading

It doesn’t really matter whether or not Beyonce lip-synched the National Anthem at President Obama’s inauguration last week, or whether she sang over a backing track, or whether she wasn’t even the one singing – it was actually Joe Biden. Whatever. The song was gorgeous, her voice was gorgeous (pre-recorded or not). Let’s move on. But before we move on, …

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Obama Is Not Being Asked to Resign Over Beyonce’s Lip-Sync, Put Away Your Twitchy Tweeting Thumbs You Gullible Lot

Come on, guys. Think about something before you go all stage five freakout on Twitter. I know that’s too much to ask, but I’m still going to ask it. Despite what you may have read, a “rising chorus” of Republicans in Congress led by Rand Paul are not suggesting that President Obama should resign because Beyonce reportedly lip-synced the national …

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Beyonce Lip Sync: Twitter, As Expected, Sounds Off

Now that it’s been confirmed that Beyonce lip-synched her flawless performance of the national anthem at yesterday’s presidential inauguration, we can all just crawl up into a hole and cry ourselves to a sweaty, nightmare-laden sleep. Ok, it’s probably not the worst thing to happen. But I’m getting the feeling that people are feeling pretty betrayed by the superstar. Why …

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Beyonce Gets Biggest Inauguration Spike on Facebook

Yesterday, President Obama officially began his second term in office. Inauguration day 2013 features the public reading of the Oath of Office, a parade, some dancing at some inaugural balls, and Michelle Obama’s bangs. It also featured Beyonce, simply owning the National Anthem. If you want proof that Beyonce was the true star of the day (sorry, Michelle), simply look …

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Obama’s Inauguration Streaming Live on YouTube, WhiteHouse.gov

If you’re unable to be in our nation’s capital today to watch the historic inauguration ceremony for the now two-term President Barack Obama, or find yourself away from the television – have no fear. You can still watch the President’s (mainly symbolic) reading of the Oath of Office starting at 11:00 am ET. It will be live-streaming on the White …

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The 2013 Presidential Inauguration Gets an Official App Complete with a Live-stream

On Monday, January 21st, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will be sworn in and will begin their second term in office. The 2013 Presidential inauguration will be the 57th in history. If you’re interested in following the day’s events, nothing can beat actually being there. But if life circumstance are preventing you from making the trip to our …

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