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El Chapo Threatens Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh Laughs

When the head of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel escaped from jail recently, one of his first acts was bizarre. Using a Twitter account administered by his son, the drug kingpin sent a message to Donald Trump. Trump had recently said that El Chapo, whose real name is Joaquin Guzman, was “everything that’s wrong with Mexico.” This is in keeping with …

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Dana Perino: Obama’s Plan “Defies Logic”

Dana Perino, former White House press secretary, went on America’s Newsroom after President Obama’s speech announcing his plan to grant “deferred action” status to two illegal immigrant groups. She was there to discuss, not only Obama’s announcement, but also Speaker of the House John Boehner’s reaction to the announcement. He said that Obama’s intent to impose executive action, and therefore …

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Ann Coulter Calls Dave Brat Win a “Massive Wakeup Call” to GOP

Ann Coulter thinks Dave Brat’s recent victory over Republican incumbent Eric Cantor in last Tuesday’s primary election is a good thing for the Republican party. The conservative political commentator joined Megyn Kelly on Fox News Live to discuss the shocking election results. “Amnesty loses big,” Coulter told Kelly. “The idea that this will hurt the Republicans in 2016 is insane.” …

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Abandoned Immigrant Children Wandering In Mexico

Immigration (legal or illegal) is a hotly contested subject in the United States. However, one thing all sensible human beings should be able to agree on is that taking money to transfer children safety and then leaving them to wander and die is just evil. This is what Mexican officials found to be the case when they discovered 370 abandoned …

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Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, Eschews Re-election

In 2008, Janet Napolitano was asked by President Barack Obama if she would be willing to become his Secretary of Homeland Security. Upon accepting his invitation, Jan Brewer, then Secretary of State in Arizona, ascended to governor due to succession rules outlined in Arizona’s state constitution. Since that time, Brewer has been one of the most prominent governors in the …

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Maria Conchita Alonso Faces Backlash Over Tea Party Ad

Actress Maria Conchita Alonso is receiving  backlash over her support of  Tea Party Republican Tim Donnelly. Donnelly is a California State Assemblyman known for his vigorous opposition of undocumented immigrants entering the U.S. He is also the founder of the state chapter of the armed vigilante border patrol group known as the Minutemen. The fallout forced Alonso to withdraw from her …

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