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IGN, AskMen Sold to j2 Global’s Ziff Davis IGN, AskMen Sold to j2 Global’s Ziff Davis

j2 Global, the parent company of publisher Ziff Davis, announced today that Ziff Davis has acquired IGN entertainment from News Corp. The publisher will take control of IGN, 1UP, AskMen, and other IGN web properties. Ziff Davis is known for …

Ranking The April Fools Pranks On The Internet Ranking The April Fools Pranks On The Internet

April 1st, a day that some cherish and enjoy, while others scoff at all the false information being released on the internet. You then have the people in the comment sections which are proud for discovering which news is fake, …

Google Maps GTA’s Liberty City
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The success of a Google Maps design for Rockstar’s blockbuster $500 million title Grand Theft Auto IV has game site IGN begging gamers for patience with their submitted content.

Copyright Board to Hold Rehearing on Net Radio Ruling

Chief US Copyright Royalty Judge James Scott Sledge announced Tuesday that his board would hold a rehearing on the controversial decision (pdf of ruling) to raise royalty rates for internet streaming to unprecedented levels and gave broadcasters and organizations who requested the rehearing until April 2nd to submit documents detailing their positions.

IGN Network Goes Mobile

Beyond the Web is mobile, and eventually, as all media merges, mobile is the final frontier for an all-encompassing media blitz. That’s probably why Fox Interactive Media is quick on the draw redirecting its online content to wireless Web. FIM-owned IGN Entertainment announced a deal with Verizon Wireless’ V Cast unit to create IGN Mobile Video.

Video Game Search Engine Eyes U.S. Launch

In a new round of capital funding, Wazap has received an additional $7.9 million as part of its effort to expand its presence into the United States. Currently, the gaming search engine is only available in the Chinese, Japanese, and German languages, respectively.

MySpace Goes To The Movies

It isn’t just for promoting films anymore; News Corp and Fox Interactive Media plan to offer movie downloads on its websites like MySpace and IGN.

News Corp Outplays Viacom, Gets IGN

The media company will pay $650 million for the Internet gaming site network IGN, which owns GameSpy and Team Xbox.

News Corp Grabs IGN

News Corp announced today they plan to purchase the IGN Entertainment to add advertising dollars. The IGN network covers a lot of ground with video games, movies, DVDs, music, comics and tons of other goodies tied mostly to the oft coveted demographic, 18-34 males. This is just one more move by media mogul Rupert Murdoch as continues to dump billions into Internet purchases.