IBM Articles

IBM Offers Virtualization ‘Test Drive’

IBM launched a new partner program to help SMB clients better understand how utilize its Virtualization Engine for running multiple virtual servers on a single piece of hardware.

IBM Helps Apache Self-Heal

Big Blue gave a boost to the Apache Open Source Foundation today by lending its “self-healing” data automation software aimed at helping companies automate their data centers, which IBM says is especially useful in “virtual environments” where a system bottle neck can disrupt online transactions.

IBM Remains Tops Of IT Sector

IBM marked its fifth consecutive year as market share leader in the IT operations management software sector, according to analyst firm Gartner Inc. The results were based on total IT software revenue collected for 2005.

Developers Spoiled For Free DB Choices

It is not just MySQL or PostgreSQL offering freely available databases, as Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM all want to hook developers on lite versions of their products.

IBM Shows Confidence In Its Shares

A dividend increase and a multi-billion dollar stock buyback plan demonstrate Big Blue sees a bright profitable future ahead.

All Quiet On The Wall Street Front

Yahoo makes its earnings announcement today after market close, with IBM also reporting today and Oracle, Google, and eBay scheduled to report this week.

Spreading the word in Germany and Sweden

Adding to the calendar of events I’ll be speaking at during 2006 are two more I’ve agreed to take part in:

IBM Polishes SOA Blitz With AJAX

Over the next few months, IBM is launching a massive set of products and services to bolster implementation of service-oriented architecture in businesses that use WebSphere software. Of particular interest to many is the deployment of the new WebSphere Portal using AJAX.

IBM Wants To Eclipse Unix Developers

The command line is a wonderful thing, and a developer skilled in the ways of vi (or emacs if you must) can build great applications; IBM thinks developers can do even better with its Eclipse IDE.

Microsoft Takes Aim At IBM

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer unveiled Thursday a $500 million promoting Microsoft software for “people-ready business”.

Microsoft Spending Big To Beat IBM

The business market for software just became a little more heated, as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced a $500 million marketing campaign to try and boost Microsoft’s fortunes at IBM’s expense.

Nothing New For IBM

Big Blue’s executive VP for innovation and technology does not think a “next big thing” will be coming around the corner ever again.

IBM Subpoenas Microsoft About SCO

The long legal feud between IBM and SCO over alleged infringement of source code owned by SCO took a dramatic step in its discovery phase.

AOL’s Tegic, IBM Team On Mobile Java

A bundle with the Tegic T9 predictive text software and the IBM WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment will debut as T9 Run later in 2006.

Engaging Podcasts from IBM

I’ve been subscribed to IBM’s investor relations podcast series “IBM and The Future of…” since IBM started this series last August.

SAP enters SaaS market

Yesterday, the German enterprise software vendor SAP announced it is entering the hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) market with the expansion of its mySAP CRM offering to include a hosted option.

IBM, Google, Team On Open Ajax

The old line and the new guard in technology joined a group focused on delivering an open source project based at promoting the adoption of web development using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML technology.

IBM Frees A Version Of DB2

The Express-C version of the DB2 Universal Database Express Edition became freely available from IBM for application developers.

Business Blogging At IBM

Julie Alterio at The Journal News has a decent article up on the scope of blogging initiatives within Big Blue and other organizations.

IBM SourceForges UIMA

Source code for IBM’s Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) now has a home on SourceForge, as IBM invites developers everywhere to take a shot at the concept of knowledge discovery.

AOL, IBM Federate Sametime IM

Open federation comes to IBM Lotus Sametime instant messaging, as a new deal with AOL permits Sametime users to IM people on AIM, AOL, Apple’s iChat, and ICQ.