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Hurricane Amanda Grows Strong, Then Quickly Weakens

Hurricane Amanda broke records over the weekend and briefly caused concern. Now it appears that the storm will pose little threat to anybody. The Weather Channel reports that Hurricane Amanda quickly became the strongest eastern Pacific hurricane for the month of May when it became a category 4 storm on Sunday morning. Those measuring the storm found that its winds …

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Hurricane Amanda Threatening The Pacific Coast?

What began as the first tropical storm of the Pacific hurricane season has since been upgraded to a category-4 hurricane. Hurricane Amanda has grown into the most powerful May hurricane in modern history. The monstrous weather phenomenon is reported to have sustained winds of over 150 mph. It’s quite clear that this hurricane could truly do a great deal of …

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Tropical Storm Amanda Turns Into Hurricane Amanda, Kicks Off 2014 Hurricane Season

Tropical Storm Amanda is now officially Hurricane Amanda, the first hurricane of the 2014 pacific season. The National Hurricane Center released this bulletin giving the latest updates of Amanda: AT 800 AM PDT…1500 UTC…THE EYE OF HURRICANE AMANDA WAS LOCATED NEAR LATITUDE 11.4 NORTH…LONGITUDE 109.9 WEST. AMANDA IS MOVING TOWARD THE WEST-NORTHWEST NEAR 5 MPH…7 KM/H. A TURN TOWARD THE …

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