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Hulu Gets Feet Wet in the Music Video Pool

Hulu and record label EMI have struck a deal, which will give the video content site some music videos, one area in which the site has lacked. Hulu fans shouldn’t get too excited about the site becoming a big music video destination just yet though.

The deal, according to the New York Times, is to give artists Norah Jones her own channel (which is already live), and over time, add more EMI artists. The Norah Jones channel has all of her music videos, concert footage, and interviews.

Will Hulu Charge For Content in 2010?
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Recently, at the B&C OnScreen Summit, News Corp’s Deputy Chairman, Chase Carey, revealed that Hulu will begin charging users to view their content in 2010. "It’s time to start getting paid for broadcast content online", Carey said.

Hulu Adds “Coming Soon” Page

Catching episodes of your favorite show(s) on Hulu just became a little easier.  The site’s introduced a "Coming Soon" page so that early bird users can figure out when the stuff they want to see will actually become available.

One might argue that this is a very minor feature – essentially a redundant online TV guide, given that most Hulu users know episodes become available the day after they air.  Still, even if that’s the case, it should prove handy for folks who are new to the site.

YouTube And Hulu See Record High Video Views
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Online video viewing reached another record in September, driven largely by TV season premieres, according to the latest report from comScore.

More than 168 million U.S. Internet users watched online video during the month. Nearly 26 billion videos were viewed in September, as Google sites accounted for more than 40 percent of videos viewed online by Americans.

Google sites continued to rank as the top U.S. video property in September with nearly 10.5 billion videos viewed. YouTube accounted for 99 percent of all videos viewed at Google properties.

Blinkx Adds Music Videos To The Mix

Online video search engine blinkx has launched blinkx Music, a new tool aimed at helping users find and watch music videos on the Web.

"There are hundreds of thousands of music videos available on the Web today which makes it nearly impossible to navigate and find what you are looking for," said Suranga Chandratillake, CEO and founder, blinkx.  

Hulu Launches 2 New Labs Features
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Hulu has added a couple of new features to Hulu Labs. These are Hulu Desktop for Linux and Hulu Publisher Tools.

Ad Agency Diverts TV Money To Hulu

A major force in the advertising industry is making a noteworthy change in direction.  MediaVest, which is a subsidiary of the Publicis Groupe, will buy lots of ads on Hulu using money originally intended for other channels, including traditional television.

Hulu To Cover Music Festival, Include Facebook
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If you’re in the mood to listen to music and have some time on your hands later today (or Saturday, Sunday, or Monday), Hulu is ready to help.  Performances from the Austin City Limits Music Festival will be streamed not only on Hulu itself, but on Facebook, too.

Online Video Viewing Sees New High in August
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In August, online video reached a record high, with over 25 billion videos watched during the month, according to data from comScore. A pretty good chunk of these were watched via Google sites (hardly surprising, considering the enormous popularity of YouTube). Google sites accounted for over 10 billion videos watched in August.

Report: Hulu Beta Testing Subscription Service

About nine days ago, Hulu’s CEO talked about making the site the main destination for password-protected content.  Today, there’s a sign that those words were much more than idle chatter, as a report has indicated Hulu’s already working on a subscription service.

Searchers Ready for Football, Sunny, and Office

In a way, today is a big day for Hulu. The popular video site will soon likely attract a huge number of views based on two shows that return to television this evening – NBC’s The Office and FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. These two have been huge hits for Hulu in the past, and that will likely continue as the two programs begin pushing out new episodes.

AT&T Launches Entertainment Site

AT&T is getting into the online content business with the launch of its new website AT&T Entertainment.

AT&T Entertainment is focused on professional content offering TV shows and movies much like Hulu. Content providers include ABC, NBC Universal (via an agreement with Hulu), CBS, CW, Syfy and Bravo.

Users can find content by browsing TV shows and movies alphabetically, by genre, or by network or studio. The site is open to any user, whether you are an AT&T customer or not.

Hulu Weighing Password Walls For Sake Of Cable Companies

As fans of "The Riches" may know, Hulu’s made would-be users sign in to see certain shows for quite a while now; the measure’s meant to protect children from mature content.  But passwords may prove to be a key in the process of bringing a lot of new stuff to Hulu, too.

More People Watching TV Online
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The number of U.S. households watching TV online has increased 20 percent from last year, according to a new report by The Conference Board and TNS.

Nearly 80 percent of consumers go online daily for entertainment. Entertainment was cited as one of the most important Internet activities, behind only personal communication and work related activities.

Could Hulu Potentially Harm Quality TV Shows?

There’s just one problem with the chart below:

Google Sets Video Record With Help Of YouTube
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Americans watched another record number of online videos in July with a total of 21.4 billion videos viewed during the month, according to the latest report from comScore.

Hulu’s UK Launch Now Expected In January
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It may be a while yet before people in the UK get a chance to watch Hulu.  Although the wheels are still in motion to take Hulu across the Atlantic, no content deals have been struck, and so what was supposed to be a pre-September launch now appears to be penciled in for January. 

Online Video Viewing Reaches Record Audience
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More than 157 million U.S. Internet users viewed online video during the month of June, the largest audience recorded for a single month, according to a new report from comScore.

The rise in video viewing is mainly due to important news stories during June, including Michael Jackson’s death and the Iranian elections, which generated significant gains particularly at major media properties such as Viacom Digital (includes MTV), Microsoft sites (includes MSNBC) and Turner Network (includes CNN).

Hulu Obtains Episodes Of “Lost”

Episodes of the hit show "Lost" have – at least in a limited fashion – finally found their way to Hulu.  Fans can now watch all of the first season, along with the last six episodes of the fifth.

We’ll admit: this move is sure to have its detractors.  DVD sales of "Lost" have been strong, and pirated episodes are (supposed to be) easy to find for free online.  So for ABC to make episodes available this late in the show’s run and also be stingy seems a little pointless.

More Americans Watching Online Video
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Americans who watch online video continues to grow at a rapid pace across all demographics, far outpacing the adoption rates of many other Internet activities, according to a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

More than half (62%) of Internet users have watched content on video sharing sites, up from 33 percent in 2006. The majority (89%) of Internet users 18-29 say they watch content on video sharing sites, and 36 percent do so on an average day.

Hulu Traffic Surpasses the Networks for First Time
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Compete is pointing to some interesting data, and suggesting that Hulu’s "evil plot to take over the world" might just be working. The popular video site has surpassed NBC, FOX and ABC’s websites in traffic for the first time. And that was last month.

"The networks’ traffic declined during the summer rerun season, but Hulu seems relatively unaffected," notes Compete’s Seth Madison.