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Google Patents Google Glass Frame Designs

For those who still think Google’s Glass project is simply an experiment, a joke, or a public relations stunt, today brings even more evidence that the augmented reality glasses are real. Google has been granted three different patents (1, 2, 3) today for the design of different Google Glass headsets. One, seen above, is the nose-wire frames Google has already …

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Epson HUD Glasses Released, Powered By Android

Holy cow, these HUD gadgets are really happening, aren’t they? Whispers about a set of Google HUD glasses have ping-ponged around the internet all year yet there’s not been any kind of official confirmation from the company. But while all of our radars were trained on what was or wasn’t going on with Google, Epson was quietly toiling away at …

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Google’s New Ad Technology Perfect For Those HUD Glasses We Heard About

Google has been awarded a new patent that seems to suggest that the company will be rolling out a new advertising strategy wherein the ads that are delivered to you are based on your immediate surroundings. And no, that’s not with respect to your online surroundings, like sites you visit – this would use your literal, physical environs. The patent, …

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NASA HUD Glasses Help Pilots See Through Foggy Skies

While Google’s anticipated HUD glasses may appeal to more pedestrian tastes, NASA has developed a similar type of head-gear with the nobler ambitions of safely steering pilots through difficult flying conditions. Essentially, the heads-up display for NASA’s glasses will overlay information onto a lens in front of the pilot’s eye so as to create an “augmented reality” that will enable …

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Google HUD Glasses Will Be On Your Face By The End Of 2012

Those rumors about some Google HUD glasses on the horizon were more than a mirage: turns out these things are really happening. In case holding a phone in your hand and occasionally looking up to scan your surroundings is simply too taxing of a task for you to handle, Google is ushering in a new era of info-searching with what …

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Google HUD Glasses Coming Soon To A Face Near You

Remember last year when Google did a pilot program for their Cr-48 Chromebook and shipped a bunch of them to people who signed up to test the product in exchange for merely providing feedback? Google might be revisiting that trick, this time with a pair of heads-up display (HUD) glasses. In case you’re wondering what HUD glasses are or even …

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