Epson HUD Glasses Released, Powered By Android

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Holy cow, these HUD gadgets are really happening, aren't they? Whispers about a set of Google HUD glasses have ping-ponged around the internet all year yet there's not been any kind of official confirmation from the company. But while all of our radars were trained on what was or wasn't going on with Google, Epson was quietly toiling away at its own set of Android-powered HUD glasses and - pow! - here they are.

As if to fiendishly wave at Google after passing the company on the HUD specs race track, Epson, which is more commonly recognized as a maker of fancy printers, put a heavy emphasis in the press release that their new gadget, the Moverio BT-100, is the "world's first Android-based see-through wearable display." Sting.

In addition to an open-armed welcome for developers to create Android apps for the glasses, here's some of the other specifications of the Moverio:

  • A six-hour battery life.
  • Built-in slot for a microSDHC card.
  • Transfer content, games and apps to the included 4GB microSDHC card or internal 1GB of storage on the controller.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connection.
  • Mobile surround sound delivered via earphones (you can use the earbuds included with Moverio or use your own)
  • A nifty trackpad that accompanies the glasses that allows navigation among content.
  • As mentioned, you can strap a pair of these warlocks across your face today but they'll run you a cool $700. See the demo video below to get an idea of how future you'll look with these glasses on your noggin. While the Moverio is not the Terminator-vision overlay that we expected in our 80's-centric imagination, it's probably a good thing Epson passed on that aesthetic.

    Now that someone else has released a set of HUD glasses, I wonder if Google will rush to get theirs out onto the market now or if they'll wait to see how the Moverio is received by con releasing its glasses.

    Anybody out there foresee yourself buying a pair of these glasses eventually? What do you think of the Moverio's design? Have your say in the comments.

    (Via 9to5Google.)