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Safeway Inc. Swallows the Poison Pill

When the market closed on Tuesday, Safeway Inc. (NYSE: SWY) shares increased 10.5% ending the day at $30.99. Safeway Inc. is an American based supermarket chain that is currently the second largest grocer franchise only to The Kroger Company (NYSE: KR). Based on the 2010 fiscal year Safeway managed to pull in a whopping $41 billion in estimated sales and …

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Hostile Takeover Prevented By Safeway Thinking Ahead

The grocery store chain, Safeway, devised a plan to ensure survival and prevent hostile takeover after an investor recently acquired a significant chunk of stock from the company. The plan instigated by Safeway is one of a defensive nature, set to go into effect whenever a person or group purchases at least ten percent of the company’s common stock, or …

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