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Insidious: Chapter 2 Scares Audiences
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There’s nothing quite like a visit to the movie theatre. Especially that now-a-days, movie goer’s have the option of fusing meal-time with movie-time, reclining belly-full in oversized, leather, swivel chairs after having indulged in not just one, but two of …

Mrs. Doubtfire, Recut to Look Like a Horror Flick

Robin Williams sure did look scary in that old lady costume. Now you can imagine him as wearing an old lady costume made from the skin of actual old ladies in this horror recut trailer. It was created by Vimeo …

How Not to Die in a Horror Movie [Infographic]
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A couple of days ago we shared with you an infographic on some of the most common ways to die in a horror movie. Spoiler: Impaled by a household object is the preferred way to go. SEE: How To Die …