Kathie Lee Gifford Embarrasses Daughter Cassidy On National TV

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All thanks to Kathie Lee Gifford’s constant anecdotes on Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee, America now knows everything about her daughter Cassidy.

The up-and-coming actress revealed in the latest issue of PEOPLE how Mom embarrassed her through an on-air overshare on Today.

Cassidy, 21, says to the mag, “Oh my god, don't get me started!”

“I can’t even watch the show anymore.”

“One time I called her, and she just happened to have her phone for a Today show segment and held it up and was like, ‘Oh, Cassidy’s calling me!’” the young actress gushes.

“She opens up her old, little, dinosaur flip phone, and of course the cameras zoom in, and there was my number! All of a sudden I had hundreds of creepy texts,” she continues.

“Like, ‘Really, Mom?!’”

This mortifying moment not only caused Cassidy to receive creepy text messages from unknown numbers, it also nearly cost her the role for the found-footage horror movie, The Gallows, which was produced by The Purge’s Jason Blum.

“That was right before I went to do my audition for The Gallows, and I almost didn't get the film because of that: They just wanted to do a cast of unknowns,” she says.

At that time, Cassidy was just launching her career. She was also just a student from University of Southern California during her mom’s accidental blab on her show.

“So that was a huge thing going on, whether they'd give me the role or not: Whether or not she could keep her mouth shut,” the leading lady continues.

Glad that Kathie Lee “has proven that she kind of can, at least for a little bit,” or else we wouldn’t have been hearing of Cassidy’s leading role on The Gallows which premiered on July 10.

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