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Facebook Hoax: Scaring Women About Rapists

Some Facebook hoaxes are spun up by people trying to get money, web traffic, etc. from users. Those we understand. They fall more under the heading of “scams”. But, there are some that purport to be kind-hearted warnings or warm-hearted stories. Usually there is no clear winner from their being spread. The one about “Racism” from earlier this week was …

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Cher, Jackie Chan, Justin Bieber, And Jim Carrey: All Not Dead!

Just in case anyone is truly concerned that Cher was, “found dead in Malibu home”, she was not. Apparently she is just one in a long list of victims who have fallen prey to a fake deaths on Twitter. This particular rumor got started by a self proclaimed “Rihanna look-a-like” with the handle, “@Lorraine_Star”. She reportedly set it up to …

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Gary Glitter Is Not On Twitter

Gary Glitter is not back and probably won’t be any time soon. Last week, eyebrows were raised at the return of infamous glam rocker Gary Glitter. He used the twitter handle #OfficialGlitter to announce a comeback tour and autobiography. It turned out to be a hoax, but not just any hoax. It was a social experiment designed to study the …

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Exclusive: Facebook “Bug” or “Hoax” – The Mystery Explained

Last week, I wrote about a message on Facebook that was being shared around heavily. In my write-up, I walked through this character string, eliminated the extraneous characters, and posited a theory about what it might be. In short, this has nothing to do with your phone. The numbers reference individual Facebook accounts and this string returns the name of …

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Facebook Hoax Makes Its Rounds

An interesting little hoax is making the rounds on Facebook this morning. According to the viral message, every phone (some versions say SIM card) has a unique name. And, if you enter a particular phrase in a Facebook comment, you can see your phone’s name. Stick with me, this gets better. The message reads like this: Type the last three …

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Gay Girl in Damascus a Hoax, Actually A Straight Guy in Scotland

Well, I guess this is one way to cure your writer’s block. It turns out that the person behind the “Gay Girl in Damascus” blog is actually an aspiring fiction writer from Georgia. And by Georgia I mean the state. And the ‘gay girl” is also a married guy. Last week, a story was picked up about a pretty young …

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