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Kelly Ripa: Might She Be A Hoarder?

Kelly Ripa might have a bit of ‘hoarder blood’ in her genes. She and husband Mark Consuelos, along with their three children–Michael, 17, Lola, 13, and Joaguin, 11–are moving, and the Live With Kelly and Michael host is having a tough time letting some things go. The family is presently moving out of their apartment in New York City, and …

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Hoarder Dog Unable To Walk Due To Hair, Neglect

A poodle named Ginger was found in a Denton, Texas apartment recently and was so matted with overgrown hair that she couldn’t walk. Authorities say Ginger was the victim of a “hoarding situation” and had been neglected basic grooming for so long that her hair had knitted together from paw to ear on one side, leaving her unable to walk. …

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Hoarder Hides Wife’s Dead Body For 30 Years

A New York man who died last year at the age of 82 was keeping more than just junk in his home; the so-called hoarder was also hiding his wife’s dead body behind a false wall in the basement. James Nichols claimed over 30 years ago that his wife, JoAnn, left her car in the parking lot of a mall …

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Skyrim Hoarders: You’re Not Going To Enchant That Necklace And You Might Have A Problem

I have a friend. Yeah let’s go with that, a friend, who can’t leave a single weapon, shield, book, potion, or article of clothing in a chest or on a table. If he sees it, it’s going in his inventory. Now, his character didn’t put a lot into his stamina trait and he doesn’t wear any boots or armor that …

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