These Are The Top Business Skills Of The Year

These Are The Top Business Skills Of The Year

By Chris Crum December 17, 2014

This time of year, just about every major Internet service puts out some kind of look back at 2014. The search engines reveal the top trending searches of the year. The music streaming/download services reveal the hottest tunes. The social …

Apple is Hiring Software Engineers to Improve the iOS 6 Maps App Apple is Hiring Software Engineers to Improve the iOS 6 Maps App

It’s clear now that Apple screwed up when it gave Google Maps the boot, and now there is evidence that even Apple knows it. Ycombinator forums user hownottowrite pointed out this week that Apple listed six new software engineer positions …

Microsoft Signs Former CBS Exec to Head Xbox Studio Microsoft Signs Former CBS Exec to Head Xbox Studio

Microsoft this week announced that it has hired Nancy Tellem, a former president of CBS Network Television Entertainment as their new Entertainment & Digital Media president. Tellem will oversee the launch of a production studio in Los Angeles that, according …

T-Mobile Appoints John Legere as New CEO T-Mobile Appoints John Legere as New CEO

Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile USA, announced today that John Legere has been appointed CEO of T-Mobile. “John is a talented and proven executive who brings a successful track record of leading and operating consumer- and business-focused telecommunications …

Google: 2011 Will Be Biggest Hiring Year Ever
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The other day, I wrote a post about how Google should consider increasing its employees’ 20% time to encourage innovation. Given that this time is dedicated to innovation and some of the company’s most successful products came from it, it seems like a good idea to me, but Google’s strategy appears to be a mixture of a large amount of acquisitions, imitating successful products, and hiring (not that innovation has been totally lacking at the company.

Twittering As a Full-Time Job

Update: Pizza Hut announced today that its former "Twintern" now has the official title of "Tweetologist," and now holds a full-time position. From the announcement:

LinkedIn Introduces Custom Profiles for Companies

LinkedIn has launched new custom company profiles. These let companies and other organizations create rich, multimedia overviews of what they are all about for prospects to view and engage with.

The custom company profile displays content that company’s can easily tailor and update, and the content dynamically adapts to the viewers, based on their industry, job function, location, and seniority. This is good for targeting.

Yahoo Continues Search For New CEO

What type of CEO do you think Yahoo needs? Calm and steady, or someone with more flair and willing to take risks?

According to the WSJ, Yahoo could be close to choosing a CEO that’s a safe bet, rather than a gamble.

Try Hiring the Next Seth Godin

A recent article by Zoli Erdos really got me to thinking about startup hiring. The article was titled "Startups: Executive Hiring Challenges or Beware of the Suits".

Microsoft Causes Fresh Facebook Hiring Problem

Several people have left Google to work for Facebook, and one of the main reasons behind their departure may have been the social network’s stock options.  Due to Microsoft’s recent investment, however, such departures could stop.

Google Still On a Hiring Binge

I support Google’s relaxed dress code.  But given all the hiring the company’s doing, I’d recommend one tweak: name tags.  Google added over 2,100 employees this last quarter, making it seemingly impossible for anybody to keep track of anything.

Getting Better Employees Than Google
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Google offers its employees an amazing collection of perks, but other companies need workers, too, and those companies don’t want to deal exclusively with Mountain View’s leftovers.  So Forbes’s Brian Caulfield figured out several ways to compete with Google during the hiring process.

Judging An Employee By Her Search Results

I’m hesitant to bring this up because it puts me at risk of being dropped into the Pollyanna Pond – business and idealism just don’t mix, I’m told. But I wonder if employers are missing out on some exceptional talent because of snap judgments and preconceived notions about job candidates.

Hiring a Vertical Web Design Company

First off, a definition: a vertical Web design company works exclusively in one industry, be it travel, hospitals, or cookie cutting. A horizontal Web design company works with a wide range of companies in different industries or sectors.

Recently, a few prospects had been weighing our services against the services of a vertical vendor and asked me to explain why they shouldn’t go with a Web design and Internet marketing company that focuses specifically–in these cases–plastic surgeons or law firms.

Companies Need Creative Hiring Solutions
I just took a web design survey. It took me less than four minutes, if that, thanks to the multiple choice options and easy questions. What slowed me down was the chance to speak up about women, driving long distances to work and single parenting.

TechCrunch UK Returns

So TechCrunch UK is planning to relaunch on June 1. Part of the prep is hiring a new editor.

Startup Hiring Pointers

I’ve been in the startup business for a pretty long time now.  One of the things that I’ve found hardest to do is find and recruit exceptionally talented individuals.  This is not particularly surprising, I think all businesses (big and small, young and old) have this challenge.  However, I think this challenge is particularly acute for startups.

5 Quick Pointers On Startup Hiring