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Hepatitis C Pill FDA Approved: Will They Lower The $100,000 Price Tag?

Hepatitis C drug Harvoni (which combines Solvadi with ledipasvir) was approved on Friday by the FDA. The prescription drug promises to cure Hepatitis C sufferers in as few as eight weeks. While the drug is meant to be an easy cure, it will likely remain out of the price range of most of the 3.2 million Americans who suffer from …

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$1000-A-Pill Sovaldi A Breakthrough Or A Burden?

It’s a pill that cures hepatitis C in 9 out of 10 patients, leading medical societies to recommend it as the first line of treatment against the illness. The catch of Sovaldi, a new pill for hepatitis C, is its price tag: $1000 for a pill, with treatment costs ballooning up to $90,000, according to an Associated Press report. “People …

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$1,000-A-Pill Sovaldi: Salvation Or Rip-Off?

Whoever said there is no money to be made in curing the sick has never heard of Sovaldi. The drug boasts the ability to cure Hepatitis-C in 9 out of every 10 patients who use it. But it’s a cure that is outside of the price range of many people. Each pill you take in an effort to potentially save …

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Sovaldi: $1,000-A-Pill Wonder Drug Cures Hepatitis C, Burdens Medicaid

Sovaldi is a new pill that cures hepatitis C in 9 out of 10 patients, studies say, but the treatment costs $90,000. Hepatitis C affects the liver, and medical societies suggest Sovaldi to be taken as a first-line treatment for the disease. However, Medicaid programs and insurance companies are saying that the treatment costs too much. Each pill of Sovaldi …

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