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Mark Zuckerberg & His Olympian Harvard Roomie Played A Lot Of Playstation Mark Zuckerberg & His Olympian Harvard Roomie Played A Lot Of Playstation

Sometimes, it’s hard to separate the fact from the fiction when it comes to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. We know that he felt jaded by a former girlfriend and created Facebook in an attempt to prove his worth to her …

Sheryl Sandberg (Humorously) Implores Grads to Click on Facebook Ads Sheryl Sandberg (Humorously) Implores Grads to Click on Facebook Ads
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Clad in Facebook’s team colors, the company’s Chief Officer of Operations Sheryl Sandberg addressed the graduates at Harvard Business School’s Class Day, an event the school holds prior to commencement. Facebook hasn’t been having its best days lately – not …

Harvard Baseball Team ‘Call Me Maybe’ Cover Video Goes Viral
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A bit lame? Yes. A bit funny? Yes. Which is really the mixture when trying to come up with an idea to keep yourself entertained during a car ride. I don’t think anyone has ended a long car trip, remembering …

Harvard, MIT Launching Free edX Courses Harvard, MIT Launching Free edX Courses
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Harvard recently announced its new initiative to add book metadata available for public search for all of its libraries, and now the ivy league research school has teamed up with MIT to offer free online courses, a new program called …

Harvard to Offer Book Metadata for Search Harvard to Offer Book Metadata for Search

Harvard University is set to release the metadata of over 12 million books, audio recordings, manuscripts, videos, images, maps and other media that presently sit inside its 73 libraries. To clarify, only metadata will be disclosed, as the entire contents …

Nanotechnology Leaps Forward With New Cancer Drug

A team of scientists, engineers and physicians have found promising effects of a first-in-class targeted cancer drug called BIND-014 in treating solid tumors. BIND-014 is the first targeted and programmed nanomedicine to enter human clinical studies. In the study, the …

Eating Red Meat Will Buy You a Ticket to an Earlier Grave

A longitudinal study (22 years) from Harvard, Red Meat Consumption and Mortality, indicates that consuming red meat is associated with an increased likelihood of dying prematurely. Researchers are encouraging people to substitute other healthy protein sources for red meat. But …

Nanorobots Destroy Cancer Cells Nanorobots Destroy Cancer Cells
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Today researchers at the Wyss Institute at Harvard Medical School unveiled a DNA nanorobot that can seek out and destroy leukemia cells, by administering a therapeutic payload that causes malignancies to self-destruct, all while leaving healthy cells untouched. A technique …

Tablet Use May Be Associated With Neck Pain Tablet Use May Be Associated With Neck Pain
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Do you get neck and shoulder pain while using an iPad? A recent study from Harvard suggests that you might. The latest in a long line of studies that seem to stem from the utter boredom of university researchers comes …

Facebook Hoax Makes Its Rounds Facebook Hoax Makes Its Rounds
· 35

An interesting little hoax is making the rounds on Facebook this morning. According to the viral message, every phone (some versions say SIM card) has a unique name. And, if you enter a particular phrase in a Facebook comment, you …

Soft Robot Creepily Crawls, Fits Into Tiny Spaces Soft Robot Creepily Crawls, Fits Into Tiny Spaces

Kill it. Kill it with murder. I’m not one to pour derision on any sort of scientific or technological advancement. In fact, one of the best parts of my day is when I come across something that makes me say …

Google Joins Effort To Deter Violence In Sudan

An upcoming election in Sudan is widely expected to be marked by violence, but thanks to the actions of Google, Harvard, the UN, and a group called Not On Our Watch, it’s possible the situation won’t get too bloody.  In an effort to discourage hostilities, the organizations have banded together to support satellite surveillance of Sudan.

RIAA Trial To Be Broadcast Over The Internet

 The RIAA says it is abandoning new lawsuits against file sharers. but existing court actions are moving forward.  Thanks to a team of Harvard law students, one of these trials will be shared with the world in an unprecedent fashion. A Massachusetts District Court judge has granted the request of a Harvard Law legal team authorizing internet broadcast coverage of a case brought by the RIAA.

Google backing big DNA decoding effort

A billion dollar plan backed by Google and healthcare investment firm OrbiMed Advisors will sequence the genes of 100,000 people in the biggest effort of its kind.

Harvard Decides To Free Its Research

We’ve written about Google drawing universities’ books, bit by bit, out into the open – that’s what the Google Books Library Project is all about.  Harvard’s charging ahead in a slightly different area, though, with its move to make research available online for free.Harvard Decides To Free Its Researc

Google Book Scans Gain Harvard Appeal

Three thousand people may not sound like a lot, but it is relatively early in Google’s book scanning endeavor, and that number of Harvard students may be the vanguard of scanned book readership.

Social Media Marketing and Fitting In

The last decade brought two related surprises: the rise of social media and the rise of search media, says a new study from the Harvard Business School. Marketing is struggling to find its place in these new communication pathways, says the report. 

Why Enterprise 2.0 Will Not Transform Organizations…

While doing some RSS feeds catchup, I actually bumped again into a weblog post that I have been meaning to share a thought or two for a little while now since it has been out there in the open for a few weeks already.

Social Network Gains New Partners

Social networking site Gather.com has partnered with three publishers and a record label to provide exclusive content for the site. The partners are Harvard Health Publications, Publishers Weekly, McGraw-Hill Professional and Columbia Records.

MySpace For Trademark Infringement
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When capitalizing on the social networking explosion, it’s best to not be too obvious that you’re ripping off somebody else – especially when everybody knows that somebody else and the high-priced lawyers that come with. For example, a site called “MySpace for Midgets” is wrong for two reasons, but we’ll just focus on one.

Rival Throws Sour Grapes At Facebook Founder
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It seems Facebook.com founder Mark Zuckerberg stepped on a few toes on his way to the top, and those toes are swinging back around to catch him in the pants. The young CEO (22) was recently chastised by an old rival, who doled out some backhanded advice while he was at it.

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