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‘Fantasia: Music Evolved’ Gameplay Previewed in New Trailer

Despite the inclusion of the new Kinect with the sale of every Xbox One console, the necessity of the device is still heavily questioned among game fans. Voice commands and hand gestures can be used to navigate the console, but gamers are split on whether these features justify the peripheral’s inclusion with the new console. The value of the device …

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Harmonix Unveils “Music Driven” Shooter ‘Chroma’

It’s been years since the Rock Band and Guitar Hero have been relevant. Like true rockstars the plastic instrument genre was a sensation that came on fast and burnt out before its time. Since then Harmonix has been finding more success in its Dance Central titles and fans of the studio have been wondering if the developers may have something …

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Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved Gets A New Trailer

Harmonix proved to be one of the best Kinect developers around with its excellent Dance Central series. It’s unknown at this point if the series will continue on the Xbox One, but the team is hard at work crafting its next Kinect experience for both Xbox One and Xbox 360. Harmonix and Disney announced at E3 that they were collaborating …

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Rock Band To End Weekly DLC Updates In April

Rock Band isn’t as popular as it once was. Heck, the entire rhythm/plastic peripheral genre is a mere shadow of its old self. That being said, Harmonix deserves a lot of respect for keeping weekly DLC updates for the titles alive all this time even after the genre all but died out. Everything must end, however, and Rock Band is …

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Rock Band Blitz Battles For Relevancy In August

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Rock Band title come out. You remember Rock Band, right? Before Harmonix began teaching you some new dance moves with Dance Central on the Kinect, they were teaching you how to play a plastic guitar in Rock Band. Everybody has thrown out their plastic guitar peripherals which is why Rock Band …

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New Rock Band Game “Rock Band Blitz” Announced

Just when you thought the fake-instrument video game genre was dead, Harmonix, the company that brought you the Rock Band games, has announced a “Rock Band Blitz”. Matthew Nordhaus, a Project Director at Harmonix, revealed details about the game in an interview on G4 TV’s X-Play. In the interview Nordhaus stated the game would only be available on the Xbox …

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