Half-Life Articles

Watch These Guys Beat Half-Life In Under 21 Minutes

Before 1998, first-person shooters were all about, well, shooting. Half-Life came along in ’98 and changed everything though. Sure, it played a lot like Quake, but it had a story. It wasn’t one of those in your face stories either. …

Watch This Insta-Kill Weapon Battle Royale
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Whether it’s a throwing knife, a headshot, or a plasma sword, insta-kill weapons are powerful, yet limited, weapons. They normally take a bit of skill to wield properly, and will more than likely get a new player killed as he …

Valve Might Be Making A Console After All

Valve has been up to something lately. The world famous game developer was rumored only last month to be building a games console to bring PC games to the TV. There was even photographic evidence straight from a Valve employee. …

Reddit Turns Half-Life Meme Into CERN Gift
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CERN will receive a wrecking bar from Reddit on behalf of its user community, a love of the game Half-Life, and a cheeky sense of humor.