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New Energy Gel Promises “Ninja-Like” Focus

We’ve all heard the claims before, seen the commercials. Coffee ramps you up, but gives you jitters and then drops you off a cliff, but our product will give you energy for hours! And you’ll see more clearly, work harder, and rise to superhero status! Yeah, right. The makers of the GungHo energy shot don’t promise miracles, but they do …

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New Energy Drink For Gamers Boasts “Faster Reactions, No Distractions”

Have you ever been on a gaming bender, I mean a real gaming bender – the I’m-not-leaving-the-couch-except-to-pee-and-maybe-not-even-then type of marathon? Man cannot live on pizza and beer alone if they want to spend the next 14 hours leveling up in Modern Warfare 3. Man (girls too, of course) needs energy. Take any claims by anyone promoting a new product with …

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