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Loudest Stadium Award Goes To….. Arrowhead Stadium!

For all of you NFL enthusiasts, the official numbers are definitely in! This time, there’s no doubt about it that the award for the loudest NFL stadium goes to Arrowhead Stadium. Home of the Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead Stadium reached …

World’s Oldest Man Has Died in NY

Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez, the world’s oldest man, has died at age 112. He had been a resident of a Grand Island, N.Y. nursing home since 2007. Affectionately known as “Shorty”, Sanchez-Blazquez was born June 8, 1901 in El Tejado de Bejar, …

Guinness’ New Ad Will Hit You Right in the Feels

In what amounts to one of the best ads you’re likely to see this month, Guinness makes a beer commercial with a heart. “Dedication, loyalty, friendship,” says the ad’s voiceover. “The choices we make reveal the true nature of our …

Motorola Mobility Treats Dubai International to “Visual Museum” and Possible World Record Motorola Mobility Treats Dubai International to “Visual Museum” and Possible World Record

If you’re traveling through Dubai’s International Airport, you’ll be treated to Motorola’s newest advertising effort that takes the form of an awe inspiring visual museum. More than anything else, the visual masterpiece is a chronology of Motorola’s past, present, and …

Guinness Perfection: It’s All In The Pour

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, there’s a viral video going around showing the unwashed masses how to “Pour the Perfect Guinness from a Can.” The video, which leads this post, is perhaps the most concise, useful tip going …

Guinness World Record 2012 Gamer’s Edition Goes Mobile and Casual

Guinness World Records don’t have the gravitas they once did; anyone reading this could theoretically go achieve a world record today and have it featured by Guinness. Nothing proves this more than the Guinness World Record 2012 Gamer’s Edition. The …

The Hidden Online Guinness Ad
Guinness has added a little twist to its latest advertising campaign and have hidden it online somewhere for someone to find.

Google Earth Provides Updates, Answers

There’s a fresh post on the Google LatLong Blog, and it’s titled, “Where in the world is…(Answers).”  You see, the post informs readers of various geographic locations that were hinted at earlier.  But if Google was asking (perhaps rhetorically), “Where in the world is an updated image?” the answer would be, “just about everywhere.”

Insight Into Google Via Press Release Analysis

Would it surprise you to know that Google has dedicated less and less attention to “search” over the years?  Conversely, the company’s talking more about “revenue.”  These, anyway, are the conclusions that one might draw using Philipp Lenssen’s Google Press Release Analyzer.