Loudest Stadium Award Goes To..... Arrowhead Stadium!


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For all of you NFL enthusiasts, the official numbers are definitely in! This time, there's no doubt about it that the award for the loudest NFL stadium goes to Arrowhead Stadium.

Home of the Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead Stadium reached new heights on Sunday as fans roared in the final minutes of the game in wake of a momentous 24-7 victory over the Oakland Raiders. With an undefeated 6-0 record this season, devout Chiefs' fans definitely have something to roar about. They turned up the volume, reaching a 137.5 decibel peak of sound in the final minutes of the game.

According to Guinness World Records, the record-breaking feat was actually accomplished when fans broke the 136.6 decibel sound barrier. That particular record was set earlier this season by Seattle Seahawk fans during the Seahawks-49ers game.

NBC Sports puts the magnitude of the sound level into perspective, stating that the noise is actually comparable to 'a jet engine at 100 feet, which is about 140 decibels.'

The Chiefs fans, in conjunction with the team organization, have been accredited for the collaborated effort. The organization shelled out approximately $7,500 to bring in a Guinness adjudicator. Ironically, the adjudicator was Guinness official, Philip Robertson, who was actually on site for the Seahawks decibel record earlier this season. Robertson also weighed in on how the experience felt to him. "They destroyed any Premier League hopes of attaining this record, I can tell you that, and I'm a Brit that loves the Premier League. It was extraordinary,” said Robertson.

Chiefs head coach, Andy Reid stated that he actually 'felt the ground shaking.' It was also noted that the roaring sounds also shook the stadium press box as well. Ground shaking is definitely befitting for the experience overall.

Image via Twitter | Kansas City Chiefs