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Bill Murray Toasts Groom at Bachelor Party

Bill Murray was enjoying a quick getaway in Charleston, South Carolina over the Memorial Day Weekend when he was pestered by a group of guys–Boston College alumni, to be exact–while having dinner. The guys asked the What About Bob, Groundhog Day, and former SNL star if he would join them at a bachelor party they were attending there in the …

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Punxsutawney Phil: Can He Be Trusted?

Punxsutawney Phil came out of his den to predict the weather for us again this year and since he saw his shadow, we are doomed for a longer winter or are we? For years, people have waited for the groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil to tell us if we can expect six more weeks of winter or an early spring. If …

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Groundhog Day 2014: Shadow or No Shadow?

Well thanks to that pesky polar vortex, many of us are more than aware that we are in the grips of a horrible winter season. There’s been snow, freezing wind, and icy roads. Then there is the depressingly low temperatures to contend with. This pattern has been rinsed and repeated for the past few weeks and plenty of us are …

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Groundhog’s Day: Twitter Reacts

So we see the shadow 6 more weeks of winter, we don’t see the shadow Spring’s around the corner. Thanks, groundhog, you’re totally reliable. If you actually believe Phil the groundhog can predict weather, go to The WeatherChannel.com and learn how weather works. He’s just an animal, but apparently hundreds of people still want to gather together at Gobblers Knob …

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