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Oscars 2014: Less Than A Week Away, But Anything Could Happen

Various details are starting to get sorted out for the upcoming presentation of the 2014 Oscars, although film fans could still be presented with a number of surprises on film’s biggest night. The past year has been an incredibly competitive one for film, and has featured several films leading the way, with no real front-runner to take the stage. Who …

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Jennifer Lawrence Wins BAFTA For Best Supporting Actress

While riding on her superpower as one of the most popular celebrities, Jennifer Lawrence continues to win awards. She previously won the Golden Globe, and may be on track to win another Oscar. Last night, Jennifer Lawrence won the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress In A Motion Picture. She was given the award for her role in the hit film …

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Brad Pitt Debuts New Hairstyle At Award Shows Over The Weekend

Some fans may have wondered what was going on when Brad Pitt debuted his new hairstyle over the weekend. He showed up to the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday, and then at the Producers Guild Awards on Sunday, with a totally new hairstyle. The actor who has been known for his long hair throughout his cinematic career, and in …

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Sandra Bullock Drops F-Bomb During Critics Choice Awards Speech

Luckily the network was able to catch her quick enough to bleep out the incident, but Sandra Bullock used a word that was inappropriate for network television. It was clear to see that Sandra Bullock said “What the f**k?” while being bleeped by the CW network. Did she forget they were live, or did the actress simply get too excited? …

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