Big Surprise: PlayStation 4 Games Will Be Really Pretty

Big Surprise: PlayStation 4 Games Will Be Really Pretty

By Zach Walton August 16, 2013 | 3 Comments

I will never understand critics (and gamers) who say a PS3 game looks like a PS2 game. Sure, it’s possible, but it just doesn’t happen. Even the worst looking PS3 titles look leagues ahead of what was possible on the …

Google Chrome Gets Better Graphics Google Chrome Gets Better Graphics

In previous stories, we’ve reported on Chrome’s ability to render 3D objects using WebGL. The demos shown previously, like the water in a bathtub, show the browser rendering impressive 3D objects with collision and all the other perks of proper …

Chrome Beta Gets Graphic Enhancements Chrome Beta Gets Graphic Enhancements

This week, Google launched a new stable release for Chrome, which pre-renders pages before you’re even finished typing them. Today, Google launched a new beta version, with some graphical enhancements, which we can expect in a future stable release – …

Graphics Acting As Barriers For Site Navigation

Enquiro Research has just released another eye tracking white paper: Barriers on a Website, which explains how users interact with graphics and rich media in the navigation of a website. This whitepaper reveals:

Google Ready To Bid For Wireless, Maybe
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Lots of stories have swirled over the question of will they or won’t they bid in the FCC’s 700MHz wireless spectrum auction, but Google now looks like a lock to pony up some cash.

When To Use Graphics On Your Website

Overall, using text is more preferrable, than using graphics (images, pictures, Flash and so on) on a website, because it is easier to understand and remember – and also accessible to the people and the search engines.

But there are some cases, when using graphics is the right thing to do.

When to use graphics

As mentioned in the earlier article, graphics should only be used, when it is absolutely necessary, such as:

From XP to Vista

Installing a new operating system on your PC isn’t a task you undertake lightly, especially when the operating system you want to install is substantially advanced and, well, different to the one you’ve been used to for some years.

Good Design And Good Graphics

One persistant annoyance to me is when people look at a site, and declare it as poorly designed’, when the only problem with said site is that it may not have the most professional-looking’ graphics, or perhaps it doesn’t quite have the right Web-2.0′ appeal. I have news for you: Good design has *nothing* to do with pretty graphics.

Understanding Vector and Raster Graphics

Choosing the right design, the right designer and the right graphics is essential. Selecting the right business, the right platform and the right time is crucial.

If you have an artistic hand but don’t know how to write, or you have beautiful voice and you don’t know how to sing, you may have a gift, but a paralyzed one.

You have a website and don’t know what its composition is; you have graphics and don’t know how they are designed; just the lack of this information you may lose your business.

Two Routes To C On Supercomputers

Both routes to programming in C on supercomputers will move through Silicon Graphics, as SGI works with a couple of firms to promote its blade hardware.

Tips on Promoting Podcasts

Podcasting is a great new medium, but creating a podcast is only half of the work. Promoting a podcast is equally critical to its success.

Novell Develops Linux Graphics, Video

Novell announced on Tuesday significant enhancements to the Xgl (X over OpenGL) graphics subsystem. Xgl is new core rendering technology for the Linux desktop that takes advantage of widely available accelerated 3D rendering hardware.

High-Performance Graphics in Flash 8

Early this year, I was inspired to create an experimental piece called varicose-g. Varicose-g uses a simple branching algorithm paired with the drawing API to draw an organic vein network. In Flash Player 7, the experiment ran slowly, and I was forced to dynamically clear older veins to reduce the graphic compositing overhead. This limited the generative quality of the experiment and reduced the complexity of the veins I could draw.

With the release of Flash Player 8, I was able to make a number of updates that significantly increased the performance, complexity, and visual interest of the piece. Check it out (requires Flash Player 8):
This article focuses on those changes, including the use of a custom bitmap caching routine, blurring remnant veins, and applying color adjustments. You can download the source code for this experiment in the Requirements section.

HP Partners With Seiko I Infotech on Outdoor Graphics Printing

HP and Seiko I Infotech have signed an agreement to develop and market large-format printers specifically for outdoor graphics printing.

Easily Design Your Own Graphics for Your Business

Perhaps you have a website, but you’re just not totally happy with the graphics, or you haven’t any graphics at all.

Computer Graphics: They’re Not All The Same

Graphic images on your computer come in two different forms, raster images and vector images. Raster images are made by programs such as Photoshop and Corel Photopaint.