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Social Media Tools Reveal GOP Primary Standings

SocialMatica now features comprehensive dashboards for the GOP primary election that combine and weight online and traditional poll-based rankings for each GOP candidate. SocialMatica has developed a weighted algorithm that marries online social media sentiment, gathered via its semantic data intelligence engine, and traditional media polling to showcase candidate standing and level of influence. Complete dashboards can be viewed on …

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Twitter Roundup: Florida Primary Results

Mitt Romney’s win in the Florida GOP primary race was no surprise. And, there has been a not-so-surprising dearth of responses on Twitter from regular folks. Everyone, especially Newt Gingrich, was just ready to move on to the next one. But, there’s always snark to be had. 46 States to Go!Donate today and help us defeat Obamneycare. 1 million dollar …

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Viral Video: Mitt Romney Sings!

On the campaign trail in Florida leading up to today’s primary, Mitt Romney let loose with some… actually pretty good singing. He led the crowd in a verse of “America, the Beautiful” at a campaign stop in The Villages, FL. Not bad. I mean, he wasn’t doing Al Green.

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Mitt Romney To Win Florida If We Go By Site Traffic

At this point, political pundits seems to think that the Florida Primary race is too close to call. The common belief is that either Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich will come in first, with Paul and Santorum somewhere behind that. Experian Hitwise has some interesting information concerning the candidates, but whether or not it could actually predict the primary winner …

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Florida Primary: Results, On The Ground Reporting Available From Google Politics & Elections

As the results from Tuesday’s Florida GOP primary roll in, you can see how they break down county by county via Google’s Politics & Elections dashboard. Earlier this month, Google unveiled Politics & Elections as a way to group all the pertinent election information in one, convenient location. There, you can see all the breaking news about all of the …

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