Social Media Tools Reveal GOP Primary Standings

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SocialMatica now features comprehensive dashboards for the GOP primary election that combine and weight online and traditional poll-based rankings for each GOP candidate. SocialMatica has developed a weighted algorithm that marries online social media sentiment, gathered via its semantic data intelligence engine, and traditional media polling to showcase candidate standing and level of influence. Complete dashboards can be viewed on SocialMatica's website (

"For the past few months we have been highlighting the importance and impact of social media within the GOP primary race. Through our proprietary technology we are able to clearly understand the channels of influence and social ranking for each GOP candidate," said Gary Hermansen, CEO of SocialMatica.

"However we were interested in taking our analytics one step further; combining the power of our technology with that of traditional media polling and ranking statistics. We have developed a methodology for bringing these two worlds together to reflect both online and traditional candidate rankings, and present a more complete picture of the ways in which these two worlds interact," continued Hermansen.

SocialMatica's analysis and rankings of the GOP candidates, gathered from vast amounts of available online data, including Facebook, blogs, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn, online news sites, discussion groups, forums, and web traffic, agrees with most polls placing Romney as the leader in the primary race and Rick Santorum as a solid second. However, SocialMatica's analysis continues to show that Ron Paul both creates and maintains the most topic-based web traffic and conversational visibility.

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