Google Toolbar PageRank Lives (For Now)

Google Toolbar PageRank Lives (For Now)

By Chris Crum December 8, 2013 | 42 Comments

Just when you thought you were out, they’ve pulled you back in. Google has updated its data for Toolbar PageRank, after giving indication that it likely wouldn’t happen before the end of the year, if at all. Many of us …

Google Toolbar 7 Gives Internet Explorer Google Instant Google Toolbar 7 Gives Internet Explorer Google Instant

Google launched a new version of the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Google Toolbar 7 brings Google Instant and some new personalization features to the table. “If you’ve used Instant on google.com or in Chrome, you’ll be right at home …

Google Yet Again: We Don’t Use Bing Data to Influence Our Search Results

I thought this was already made fairly clear, but Google has said again that it does not use Bing data to influence its search results, the way Bing apparently uses Google data to influence it’s search results. 

Google Now Has Its Own URL Shortener

Google made a couple of announcements today that actually combined for perhaps a more interesting announcement than either of them as stand-alone news items.

You No Longer Need the Google Toolbar to Use Sidewiki
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Last month, Google introduced Sidewiki, a feature of the Google Toolbar that allows users to comment on any page on the web. The comments could only be viewed by others who have the toolbar and the feature installed. That was until now.

Google Tracks User Data to Monitor Load Times
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Google has a post up talking about how the company uses data it collects from Google Toolbar users, specifically in relation to its enhanced features. These features are opt-in.

Google Turning the Web Into an Exclusive Social Network?

Search guru Danny Sullivan got an early scoop on a new Google Product that wasn’t supposed to be announced until later today. Its called the Sidewiki, and is a feature of the Google Toolbar. What it does is allow users to comment on any page on the web. These comments can only be viewed by others who have the toolbar/sidewiki installed.

Google Makes Language-Based Product Announcements
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Today Google made a couple of announcements involving the expansion of offerings into more languages. They’ve announced that the new optimized SERP pages for iPhones, Android devices, and feature phones are now available in over 60 countries and 38 languages. In addition, the company has announced an advanced translation feature in the newest release of Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer.

The Mobile SERPs

Google Shows Off 2 New Toolbar Labs

Google has introduced two new Google Toolbar Labs features. There is one with "My Location," and a simplified Chinese Toolbar.

"One of the best things about working on the Google Toolbar team is that when someone says ‘Wouldn’t it be great if Toolbar could…,’ our answer is usually ‘Yes! Let’s build it!"’ And then it’s just a question of when," the Toolbar Product Team says.

Google Toolbar Gets New Features
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Today Google announced a couple new features for the Google Toolbar in Firefox. The first one is the addition of a "new tab page."

This feature allows you to open different pages when you open a new tab, so you don’t just get the standard blank white page. Now you can bring up one of your favorite pages or one that you recently viewed. You can choose from up to 9 different thumbnails you have stored as well as recent bookmarks and recently closed tabs:

Cutts Confirms Google Toolbar PR Update
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A week or so ago, some people noticed some updates to Google Toolbar PageRank scores. It was unconfirmed however if this was an official update. Matt Cutts eventually confirmed on Twitter that it was indeed a Google update.

Google Continues to Push Toolbar Usage

Google’s Toolbar is a commonly utilized browser add-on for both Internet Explorer and Firefox users. With its search box, ad blocking, page rank features, and ability to track user behavior — its no wonder the company continues to aggressively market the tool in its search results

Terrorists Dont Trust Google

Terrorist organizations are posting warnings about using Google Toolbar in jihadist Internet forums, according to an article at washingtonpost.com, citing potential spyware concerns.