Google Moderator Is About To Go Away

Google Moderator Is About To Go Away

By Chris Crum April 7, 2015

Google is shutting down Google Moderator, a tool it launched for presenters in in 2008, aimed at helping them prioritize questions for Q&A sessions. Since then, it has evolved to become a way to prioritize other ideas as well. For …

YouTube Channels Get Google Moderator Integration
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Earlier this month, we said to get ready to see more cool things based on Google Moderator, as Google launched an API for it. It turns out that Google’s own YouTube has one of the first cool things we’ve seen based on the product since then.

Get Ready to See More Cool Things Based on Google Moderator

Back in 2008, Google launched Google Moderator, a tool to help presenters prioritize questions for Q&A sessions. Since then, we’ve seen it in action a number of times, often from the company itself, but also in political settings, and other democratic-style events.

YouTube Invites Questions About Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program has the potential to be about the best thing in a person’s life, allowing an individual to earn thousands of dollars in return for creating short video clips.  Yet lots of folks are still confused about how to become a partner – and why many applications are denied – so YouTube’s giving everyone the chance to get some answers.

Virginia Politicians Embrace Google Moderator, YouTube

A certain search giant might as well get it over with and release some sort of product mashup called Google Election.  In the meantime, though, YouTube and Google Moderator have come back into the spotlight as important tools in a series of political interviews.

Google Launches Network to Promote Small Business Causes

Google announced the launch of a new initiative called the Small Business Network in an effort to contribute what it can to the success of small businesses, which are Google’s bread and butter.

A Google-Spangled White House Town Hall

Welcome to the Google Government.  As the new administration continues to get settled in, more and more software from Mountain View is coming into play, with Google Moderator, App Engine, and YouTube all getting a turn in the spotlight this week.

Got AdWords Ideas? Checkout the AdWords Wishlist
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Last week, Google used its Google Moderator product to call upon users to give them ideas for improving Google Mobile. It allowed people to submit ideas and vote others up or down. This would give Google an idea of the ones that were most in demand.

Google Wants Your Questions for D.C. Meeting

Google is hosting a three-part series of town hall meetings at the company’s Washington D.C. office, starting with one about economic growth and the technology infrastructure needed to "foster innovation." The meeting is aimed at helping set the technology policy agenda for the incoming Congress and Administration. Google says:

Google Helps Presenters Prioritize Questions

Google has released a tool (in beta of course) called Google Moderator to help you prioritize questions for Q&A sessions. It’s hosted by the Google App Engine and lets users submit questions directed toward certain people. Then others can vote on the question’s worth.

Google Platform Engineer Taliver Heath talks a little bit about how the tool came to fruition: