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Is Google’s New Image Search Increasing Or Decreasing Your Traffic?

Last week, Google announced a new design for its Image Search. It’s been rolling out, so maybe you have it by now. One thing that was interesting about this particular launch is that Google made a major point of talking about how good it was going to be for webmasters. They even made the announcement on the Google Webmaster Central …

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World’s Most Abstract Visual Dictionary Defines Words By Their Top Google Image Result

The idea of a visual dictionary isn’t new. Hell, I can still remember exactly how my first dictionary looked, felt, and even smelled. It was a kid’s dictionary and contained a lot of pictures – enough to help a young, aspiring word nerd. But this visual dictionary may not be suitable for kids – that’s because the images that comprise …

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Google Adding Improvement To Related Image Searches

Google is bringing an improvement to their image search function. Spoiler: It’s a really good improvement. Peter Linsley, product manager for Google, detailed today on the official

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