Google Health Is Almost Officially Dead

Google Health Is Almost Officially Dead

By Chris Crum December 18, 2012 | 1 Comment

Google launched Google Health in 2008. It was an ambitious project that perhaps got more up close and personal with users’ identities than any other Google service to date. Unsurprisingly, there weren’t a ton of people who wanted to manage …

Google Health Gets More Useful, More Personalized

Google has announced a new design and some new features for Google Health. The company says this comes as the result of feedback from users who want easier data tracking and more personalization. 

Bathroom Scale Now Connects To Google Health

We know, we know: many individuals will view this as an invasion of privacy, or at least a potential cause for embarrassment.  Still, you may find it interesting to learn that a bathroom scale is now able to inform Google Health (along with users’ Twitter followers) of a person’s weight.

Google Wants To Save Your Life (Or Help End It)

Health issues are highly personal.  Some folks, for example, are scared of living for years on end without control of their bodies.  Others are terrified that a plug will get pulled moments before they make a total recovery.  And a certain search giant thinks both of these attitudes represent great reasons to start using Google Health.

Google, Microsoft Endorse Declaration Of Health Data Rights
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Google and Microsoft make no bones about wanting people’s medical records; that’s what Google Health and Microsoft Health are in large part about.  But since many folks still aren’t ready to hand them over, both companies tried to take a reassuring step last night by endorsing the Declaration of Health Data Rights.

Google Reaccused Of Lobbying Against Privacy Provisions


Several months ago, Consumer Watchdog asked Google to "cease a rumored lobbying effort aimed at allowing the sale of electronic medical records."  Google responded by calling the claim totally false.  Now, Consumer Watchdog’s come back with evidence that Google lobbied for something health-related, and the group’s demanded an explanation.

UK Gvmt May Take Cues From Wikipedia, Google, MSFT

Parts of the UK government may start to take after some ultra-popular websites and online services if David Cameron has his way.  Cameron, the leader of Britain’s Conservative Party, directed nods toward Wikipedia, Google, and Microsoft in a recent speech.

New Google Health Feautres Could Save Lives

Google has launched some new features for Google Health that could potentially save lives in times of personal crisis. For one, they’ve included the option for sharing Google Health profiles.

This means if you keep your profile up to date with any medication and medical history, you can share it with your loved ones so they can answer questions for doctors or other medical professionals in times of emergency.

Google Health Gets Handle On Real-Time Medical Data
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Never mind Santa – 365 days a year, it’s now Google that may know when you’re sleeping or awake.  The tech giant will be able to track things like heart rates and blood sugar levels, too, thanks to a partnership with IBM and help from the Continua Health Alliance.

Google Health Could Answer Corporate Need
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Google’s pretty good about letting users pass on to other sites, and that is, after all, a search engine’s main function.  Most companies prefer it when people stick around, however, and Google Health may play an important part in keeping them close to Mountain View properties.

Google Health Goes Live
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During a nearly three-hour webcast this afternoon, Google revealed much of its "search factory," including the official unveiling of the Google Health service. Google Health leverages partnerships with medical organizations and pharmacies to help patients manage their health records online.

Google Health Announced for Next Year

Google’s Marissa Mayer, who replaced now ex-Google employee Adam Bosworth as manager of the Google Health product team, said Google Health will officially appear in early 2008. (Screenshots of the product already circulated.)

Screenshots Weave Tale Of Google Health

Google’s march into the health information industry received a little daylight as screenshots of their “Weaver” project found their way to Philipp Lenssen’s blog.

Google Sorrier For Sicko Comments
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Google’s apparently very, very sorry about Google Health Advertising blogger Lauren Turner’s comments criticizing Michael Moore’s film Sicko – so sorry the company’s PR department put out a statement and resident star blogger Matt Cutts put out a guide to corporate blogging.

Google Health Scrapbook?

Josh Jaffe writes about a developing Google product, Google Health Scrapbook, a service that will allow users to manage their entire medical lives, from adding medical providers, checking medical records, and paying bills. Google met with WebMD in New York last week to partner with them on this project, which would also provide information on hospitals to help patients choose.

Google’s Good For Your Health

The long awaited Google Health search vertical is expected to launch some time today, giving users looking for medical information more targeted results. This is just one of the announcements expected at Google Day in Mountain View. iEntry’s Mike McDonald has infiltrated the Googleplex and will be filling us in once PST catches up.

Google Health Launching Today…

Reports suggest Google will today announce the launch of Google Health.