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Google Continues to Improve Accessibility Google Continues to Improve Accessibility
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Earlier this week, we looked at some improvements Google made to its Hangouts feature in Google+, specifically in terms of accessibility and sign language. They improved video quality and made it so it’s easier to see signing. Google has also …

Google Docs Viewer Gets ZIP and RAR File Support Google Docs Viewer Gets ZIP and RAR File Support
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Google has added support for ZIP and RAR files to the Google Docs Viewer. That means if you get a one of these files as an attachment in Gmail, you’ll be able to view its contents within the browser when …

The Next Google Docs Features The Next Google Docs Features
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Google says a few of the top ideas it is prioritizing for Google Docs are: adding better header and footer functionality, making Google Docs available offline, and creating vertical merging in spreadsheets. The company recently opened its Product Ideas page, …

Google Docs for Android Finally Available Google Docs for Android Finally Available
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Android has been lacking an official Google Docs app until now. It always seemed strange, and the web version on mobile isn’t the most user-friendly experience. Now, Android users don’t have to use the web version on their phones anymore, …

Google Docs Adds Pagination Google Docs Adds Pagination
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Talk to any college students for very long, and you may find that page numbers rule their lives.  They’ll celebrate receiving a measly half-page assignment, for example, or freak out over a 40-page paper that’s due all too soon.  So …

Google Docs Upgrades Commenting

Google announced today that it has updated commenting on Google Docs to include features that will supposedly encourage feedback and smoother discussions. First up, all comments will now contain a timestamp and picture.  Single comments will also be able to …

Mobile Editing In Google Docs Expands To Cover 45 Languages

When Google introduced mobile editing in Google Docs last year, many people applauded.  Lots of people probably didn’t, though, considering the advance was English-only and left out folks all over the world.  Now Google’s addressing that issue with the ability to edit documents in 44 more languages.

Of course, to be honest, this may not yet affect many individuals.  Google Docs has had enough trouble catching on with English-speaking Americans, never mind people who aren’t in the company’s home market.

Google Docs Converts Images/PDFs Into 29 New Languages

Google has expanded its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature of Google Docs into 29 new languages. It’s now available in a total of 34 languages. 

This is the technology that analyzes images and PDF files and extracts text and formatting, so you can edit. The feature was introduced last summer. The development of the technology would be aided by scans of ancient texts

Google Launches Cloud Connect Worldwide

Google has announced the worldwide availability of Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office. The product was first announced in November, spawned from the company’s acquisition of DocVerse, which specialized in real-time sharing and editing of documents. 

Cloud Connect lets Office users automatically sync and backup their documents with Google Doc, so they’re always accessible on the web, and able to be shared with others. 

Google Docs Viewer Opens Up To 12 More File Types

Starting today, Gmail and Google Docs users should run into many fewer problems when it comes to opening different types of existing files.  Google launched support for 12 new file formats this afternoon, and several of them are pretty common.

Google Brings Desktop Version Of Docs To iPad
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Many people have pointed to the iPad as a replacement for laptops, or at least netbooks.  Google Docs, meanwhile, is supposed to take on programs like Microsoft Word.  And now the two newcomers can work together more effectively, as Google’s moved to bring the desktop version of Google Docs to the iPad.

Google Cloud Picker Feature Discovered Prematurely
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It has been revealed that Google is testing something called "Google Cloud Picker". It’s apparently not something we’re supposed to know about yet. 

According to those who spotted it, it appeared when they tried to insert files and images into Google Sites and Blogger. A screenshot is now making the rounds, showing that it is tied to Picasa, Maps, Google Docs, and YouTube. 

Google Docs Delves Into Mobile Editing

Perhaps 99 percent of the time, a person’s cell phone is within five feet of him (or her).  Desktops and even laptops are often much more remote.  So businesspeople, students, and writers may owe Google a "thank you" as the company’s taken steps to ensure Google Docs users can edit their documents when all that’s handy is a smartphone or iPad.

Google Adds Web Font Support to Google Docs
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Google announced today that Google Docs now supports web fonts using the Google Font API. To start off, there are six new fonts available.

Search Across Email and Docs in Gmail
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Google released a new Gmail Labs feature today that lets you search across email and Google Docs. If you turn it on and search from the Gmail search box, you will simply get results from both places, when applicable.

Google Docs Gets New File Conversion Feature
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Google has announced a new file conversion feature in Google Docs that lets you convert files that are already uploaded to your document list into a Google Docs format, as opposed to only being able to do so upon upload.

For example, you can convert PDFs to text using Google’s Optical Character Recogniton technology. Files that can be converted include:

Google Docs Viewer Goes Mobile
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Businesspeople are busy people, and with its latest Google Docs upgrade, Google’s tried to take that fact into account.  Now, it should prove much simpler for individuals to read documents when the only screen handy is part of a smartphone or iPad.

Google Docs Privacy Options Revised
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In the wake of privacy uproars about pretty much everything, Google’s taken steps to ensure Google Docs meets the highest possible standards.  This afternoon, the company introduced three easy-to-understand (and easy-to-set) document visibility options.

Here’s the most important thing to know: documents are private by default.  Documents’ visibility settings are now located right next to their titles, too, making them easy to confirm at any point in time.

Pew Predicts Cloud Computing Dominance By 2020

The term "cloud computing" might well be shortened to just "computing" by the time 2020 rolls around.  The results of Pew’s latest study show that a significant majority of Internet experts believe cloud computing will represent the main way in which people will interact with software at that point.

Microsoft Office 2010 Now Available. Better Than Google?
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Update: Microsoft has now announced the worldwide availability of Office 2010 and Sharepoitn 2010. See all the details here.

Also, Microsoft has a response to Google’s claims here (thanks Pradeep).

Google Docs Getting A Little More Wave-Like

Google has announced a number of significant changes to Google Docs. In fact, they’re so significant, Google is referring to them as the "next generation of Google Docs." Included, are some Google Wave-like characteristics.

Some new features: