Microsoft's Latest Jab: Google Docs Is A Cupcake Without The Icing

IT Management

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Microsoft's been laying down some heat on Google lately. First there was that barbed volley the two companies traded regarding the true nature of Google's updated Privacy Policy. Today's round features a video released on the Why Microsoft blog that ridicules Google Docs for coming up a little short in the style department. Apropos of Valentine's Day, the video features a luckless gent attempting to pass off a sweet surprise to his partner but with discouraging results. Watch below.

The message seems pretty clear: if you wanna step up your style points and keep your curve, ditch Docs and get hitched with Microsoft's Office Web Apps. On better, Microsoft wants users why your documents should get to wear their Sunday best every day by using the hashtag #stylematters.

To be honest, I like this newly sassy Microsoft that's not afraid to take a swipe at Google. It's similar to how Samsung has been skewering Apple lately for being a class of affected techsters. In an industry where Cool becomes a cult of personality swarmed around brands, it's fun to see Microsoft go on the offensive.