Google Docs Added Features

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The Google Docs Blog just announced that the company has added improved discussions, search-scanned text in PDFs, custom Javascript and CSS support to personal Google sites and more.

Google has made it easier to view and organize all comments made on user drawings, documents and presentations posted in Google Docs - by clicking on the "Comments" button at the upper right of the editor window, one can view a complete history of their discussions. There, one can post replies, resolve previous comments, add links to comments or change notification settings:

google docs

Also, using Google's Optical Character Recognition technology, users can now search through and copy highlighted text from a scanned PDF:

google docs

Also, text from PDFs and images uploaded into Google Docs is now searchable.

Additional features that were released today include the ability to add custom Javascript and CSS to Google Sites, keyboard shortcuts for navigating between table cells in documents, the ability to kill running scripts from the Google Apps Script Editor, the adding of donut charts and error bars in spreadsheets and the option of seeing full names in document comments, instead of just displaying email addresses.

Hat tip to Ian Kilpatrick, Software Engineer.