Google Docs: The Reason Hall & Oates' "Maneater" Wasn't "Mangobbler"

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Oh man am I glad that they didn't go with "mangobbler."

As you probably know, Google unveiled their long-awaiting cloud storage service Google Drive yesterday. It offers 5 GB free storage and allows users to rent more, including as package for 1 TB for 50 bucks a month. With the launch of that product, Google has begun a little mini campaign to promote synergy between some of their most popular products - things like Google Docs (which works seamlessly with Google Drive), Gmail, and Google Calendar.

The campaign prompts users to "Go Google," which means that if you switch over to all Google products, you can officially say that you've "gone Google." Cute, I guess.

As a part of this campaign, they've started to release some viral ads for their various services. One particular video sticks out - the one for Google Docs. That's because it's all about Hall and Oates (and the power of Google Docs in songwriting).

Ever wondered how songwriters come up with their lyrics? Well, thanks to Google documents, songwriters can now collaborate live on new ideas from anywhere in the world. Rock on

Yes, this video highlights the fact that users can collaborate on documents in real time with Google Docs. Hall and Oates seem to have the first part down - "Oh, oh here she comes, she's a..." - but they don't know what to call her. Let's just say that some of the suggestions make me really glad they went with maneater. Check it out below:

Google has also put out some "Go Google" videos specific to Gmail and Drive, but they aren't nearly as awesome. You can check them out below, however.

Now, I dare you to make it through the rest of the day without listening to "Maneater." This may help - it's not "Maneater," but it's a much better song/video.

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