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Google Opens Registration For 10th Annual Global Code Jam

Can you code? Do you like money? If so, you might be interested in Google’s latest Global Code Jam. Google announced that registration is now open for the 10th annual Global Code Jam that begins next month. The event will see code warriors from across the planet solving advanced algorithms and competing for fame and fortune. Since this is the …

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Google Code Jam Offering Developers Chance At Google I/O Tickets

Google kicked off their annual Code Jam last week that sees programmers from all over the world competing to solve various algorithms. Our own Micael Marr participated in the qualification round and even live blogged his attempts to answer the questions. It seems that Google is upping the stakes for the Code Jam by offering Google I/O tickets to developers …

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Google Code Jam Registration Window Opens

Any programmers who would enjoy winning $10,000, the title “Code Jam Champion,” and – maybe – a job offer from Google should get moving.  Today, the registration window for Google Code Jam 2011 opened. To go ahead and provide interested parties with the complete schedule: registration starts today, a 24-hour qualification round will take place starting May 6th, and successive …

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Google Code Jam 2010 Registration Opens

Another year, another Google-sponsored competition meant to identify the world’s best programmers.  People can now sign up to participate in Google Code Jam 2010, which will offer winners more than $10,000 in prize money.

Here’s a brief overview of the most important dates for anyone who’s ready to dive in: registration began this afternoon.  A 24-hour qualification round will take place on May 7th.  Additional online rounds will take place May 22nd, May 23rd, June 5th, and June 12th, and then the onsite finals will fall on July 30th.

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