Google Code Jam Registration Window Opens

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Any programmers who would enjoy winning $10,000, the title "Code Jam Champion," and - maybe - a job offer from Google should get moving.  Today, the registration window for Google Code Jam 2011 opened.

To go ahead and provide interested parties with the complete schedule: registration starts today, a 24-hour qualification round will take place starting May 6th, and successive online rounds are scheduled for May 21st, May 22nd, June 4th, and June 11th.

Then Google will hold the onsite finals for 25 finalists at its office in Tokyo on July 29th, which is arguably an interesting choice given all that Japan is going through right now.

As for some more general information, a post on the Official Google Blog explained that Google Code Jam is "our annual coding contest in which some of the best coders from around the world write programs to solve tough algorithmic problems.  We believe that one of the best ways to sharpen your coding skills and stretch them creatively is through healthy competition."

Later, the post suggested, "If you're a killer coder and you're ready to compete, sign up on our website; while you're there, make sure to check out the puzzles of the past few years to get a sense of what's to come, and to hone your skills."

Good luck to all of the participants.  And the quip about a Google job offer was only speculation, by the way, but it makes sense that the search giant wouldn't want to recognize a great programmer and then set him (or her) free.

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