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Google Lets Users Click An X To Stop Seeing Ads From Specific Campaigns

Google is launching a new [x] button on some of its display ads over the next several weeks. Much like display ads on Facebook, the user will stop seeing ads from that campaign, once the [x] is clicked. It’s unclear on what all ads the feature will be included, but Google says it is starting on those that are based …

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Google’s DoubleClick Digital Marketing Insights Conference Start a Revolution in Online Advertising

Google wants users to know that they are doing everything that can to facilitate a revolution in online advertising that puts control in the viewers hands. This means they have to reengineer the whole system of buying and selling ads along with the way they are created. As you know, Google has already made great strides with creating tools and …

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Google Ads API Getting Java Client Library Rewrite

Java is really popular or so says Google. The Java Client library for Ads API is still used by a lot of developers despite the fact that it’s really old. Google tried to fix what was already there, but old dogs can’t learn new tricks. That’s why Google got a new dog that can learn all kinds of new tricks. …

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Facebook Ads Reaching More Than Google! [Infographic]

Making your advertising dollars count is important to the success of your organization and you have to draw on as many sources as possible to make informed decisions about where to spend those dollars. Since online advertising is one of the most effective components of any modern ad campaign, I want to look at Facebook advertising as it seems to …

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Google DFP API Gets New Features

Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers offers small businesses “a free hosted ad serving solution” that helps them manage their “growing online advertising business.” The DFP API

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