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What Will Mobile Bring to Consumers and Marketers in 2013?

The mobile landscape is set to change in a big way in 2013, and though some of the coming changes can be predicted, others will provide big (and perhaps unwelcome) surprises for both consumers and advertisers. As seen at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Mobile World Congress, tech companies are focusing more than ever on smartphone and tablet …

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Google Explains AdMob Publisher And Mediation IDs

If you recall, Google released the Google AdMob 6.0 SDK last week. It brought with it a number of new features and upgrades to the existing SDK. Overall, it was a great release, but Google has found that some people are confused over one of the new features – mediation IDs. To help explain this new AdMob ID, the company …

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Google Offers AdMob Optimization Tips

Google recently released version 6.0 of its AdMob SDK last week. Some of the new features may have thrown you for a loop or you’re just new to AdMob. To that end, Google has published some tips to get the most out of AdMob. Google starts by saying what should be common sense with advertising – keep the focus on …

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