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Actor Found on Fire Atop Train Dies of Injuries

After a commuter train travelling from Connecticut bound for New York City lost power early Sunday, transit authorities found a young actor and model on fire atop one of the cars. The 21-year-old later died from severe burns. In a …

Weight Loss Surgery Now Possible for Alexis Shapiro,Thanks to Crowdfunding
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At the age of 10, Alexis Shapiro developed ¬†a craniopharyngioma. A craniopharyngioma is a rare benign¬†brain tumor that affects about 1 in every million child a year. Luckily Alexis was able to undergo surgery to remove the tumor. However, she …

Karen Black Cancer Crowdfunding Hits Its Goal
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Over two years ago, actress Karen Black was diagnosed with ampullary cancer and had one-third of her pancreas removed. According to Black’s husband, Stephen Eckelberry, after extensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments she was able to conquer her cancer. Unfortunately, her …