Taylor Swift's $50K Gift Forces Policy Change at GoFundMe

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Taylor Swift holds all the power, forcing tech companies to change their policies left and right.

A very generous pledge to a GoFundMe campaign has forced the company to change its donation policies.

Earlier this week, Taylor Swift donated $50,000 to a little girl named Naomi, who is currently battling Leukemia.

“Taylor Swift’s donation was so generous that it required us to increase the donation limit on the platform,” said Rob Solomon, GoFundMe CEO.

Previously, GoFundMe had limited single donations to $15,000. Now, the limit is $50,000. You know, because there could be more Taylor Swifts out there. Or, more likely, Taylor Swift will just drop another $50K on some cause she cares about.

“What Ms. Swift has done for Naomi and others can inspire the next generation of giving," said Solomon.

Naomi's GoFundMe currently has over $73,000, more than doubling the original goal of $30,000.

"[The doctor] said this was the type of Leukemia they were hoping not to find. It is more aggressive than other kinds and will require 6-9 mo of intensive therapy in the hospital. We are obviously scared and concerned for our girl, but she has been a trooper and is positive about getting better. We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives as it gives us hope and faith in what is beyond this moment. I think she has a hard road to travel, we are honored to be with her for the difficult journey. We have deep faith in our Father in Heaven and we will seek his comfort and grace during this time," says the family.

You can check out Naomi's page here.

Image via Taylor Swift, Instagram

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