Gmail Gets New Preview Pane Feature

Gmail Gets New Preview Pane Feature

By Chris Crum August 5, 2011 | 2 Comments

Google may have announced the impending shut-down of Google Labs, but Gmail Labs is still putting out new optional features for Gmail users. Google has released the “Preview Pane” as a Gmail Labs feature. This allows users to preview messages …

Offline Use Now Part of Everybody’s Gmail
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Gmail’s offline feature has graduated from Gmail Labs, and is now a full-blown feature of Google’s email service. The feature emerged as a lab experiment nearly a year ago, but it has now been deemed ready for primetime.

Gmail Gives Users New Default Text Styling Feature

Google has introduced a new Gmail Labs feature, which gives Gmail users control over the default style of their text. In other words, you can set how you like your text to appear normally, and it will automatically appear that way.

Google Adds Google Docs Previews to Gmail
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It seems like just yesterday we were talking about how email was improving. Google has now added a feature to Gmail that lets you preview the contents of Google Docs documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in your inbox.

Gmail Aims to Save Embarrassment Yet Again
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Google has launched a new feature in Gmail Labs designed to spare users the embarrassment of sending an email to the wrong person. It’s probably happened to you at one time or another.

Gmail Gets a New Label Feature

Today Google introduced a new Gmail Labs feature, which lets users hide labeled messages that have already been read, when browsing through labels. The ones that have been read can be found under the "more" menu.

"A lot of people want to see their labels in order to see which ones have unread messages, but they don’t want a long list of label names cluttering up the left hand side of their inboxes," says Gmail software engineer David de Kloet.

Play Google Voice Messages Right in Gmail
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Google has launched a new feature in Gmail labs that allows you to play Google Voice voicemails right from Gmail. Before, when Google Voice users received email notifications from Google Voice, they had to click a link in the message to open a new page.

Gmail Experience Improves for Netbook Users
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Netbooks have their problems. I am not anti-netbook like some people. I just have fairly big hands, and I find them practically impossible to type on. A software engineer at Google noticed that sometimes netbooks have problems displaying email subject lines as well.

Latest Gmail Lab – The Inbox Preview

Google puts out features and labs like Takashi Miike puts out films – very frequently. And like Miike’s films, some are good, and some are quite questionable.

Gmail Gets One-Click Translation Lab
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Today Google announced the integration of automatic translation technology directly into Gmail. This integration comes in the form of a lab, so it will have to be activated.

When you receive an email in a language that is not your native one, Gmail will help you translate it in one click. The feature looks like this:

New Gmail Lab for New Way of Searching From Inbox

Google has released a new Gmail Lab that adds a search box for regular Google Search within Gmail. When you turn on the lab (simply called Google Search) , you’ll get a search box on the left side of your inbox that looks like this:

Gmail Bolsters Emoticon Offering

Back in October, Google added a number of new emoticons for Gmail in a Gmail Lab. That round even went so far as to include a pile of feces complete with flies buzzing around it. I wish I was making this up.

More Gmail Labs Features Released

In the neverending quest to improve what I think of as Google’s real social network, the company has released a couple of new features in Gmail Labs that can be integrated into the regular Gmail experience when activated.

Put Less Effort Into Your Gmail Searching

Google introduced a new lab for Gmail today that improves the search feature. The new Search Autocomplete lab is basically like Google Suggest for your inbox. Start typing in the searchbox, and it gives you suggestions.

Gmail Labs Goes International
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Google has announced its Gmail Labs are now available on a global scale to users in 49 different languages.

Google says its international users have been requesting the experimental features available in Gmail Labs.

Gmail Logo

Gmail Tasks Lab Gets New Useful Features

Back in December, Google introduced a new feature in Gmail Labs called "Tasks" that provides Gmail users with a window to keep track of their…tasks (go figure). Today, they have announced a couple new features for Tasks.

Users can now easily move a task (along with its sub-tasks) to another list by clicking on the arrow (or using Shift-Enter) to the right of the task, then selecting another list in the drop down at the bottom of the screen.

Import/Export Gmail Filters with New Labs Feature

Google has created a new feature in Gmail Labs that allows Gmail users to import and export filters. It lets you download a file containing some or all of your filters or upload one to create a set of filters.

Software Engineer Luke Blanshard shares the following uses for the feature at the Gmail Blog: