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Google Glass Goes Fashionable with Ray-Ban, Oakley Deal

Google Glass is a lot of things, but one thing it’s not is particularly fashionable. When Google finally launches their wearable tech to the masses, all of the innovative features in the world aren’t going to help sell the thing if nobody wants to wear it on their face. In order to make Google Glass more fashionable, Google has just …

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Google Asks Warby Parker to Help Improve Google Glass’ Fashion Sense [REPORT]

Google Glass is slowly working its way into the general public’s hands, as Google has begun the process of letting average people strap on the device for personal use. Googlers (especially Sergey Brin) can’t seem to find a time where they think it’s inappropriate to advertise Google Glass. The Project Glass wave is coming, but one big question remains. Will …

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Photosynthetic Dishes Store Energy While Being Used

Home solar panels have become more and more common as the technology becomes cheaper to create and people see the growing expense of higher energy costs. This new invention takes the concept of micro managing energy savings to a whole new level. This cabinet and dishes set actually stores energy in the glassware you use everyday, and stores it in …

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Jon Stewart Tech Round-Up: Project Glass & Instagram

Jon Stewart weighs in on some of the top technology stories this month: Google Glasses (Project Glass) and Instagram. Stewart gives us the funniest Google glasses parody video yet, visualizing the concept for dogs. He also weighs in on the Instagram billion dollar deal: “The only Instagram worth a billion dollars would be an app that instantly gets you a …

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Data Promises New Technology May Help You Lose Your Reading Glasses

It’s not often you hear about a new technology product that has so far had 100% positive results and this one promises excellent eye saving news for all those currently using reading glasses who would like to lose them . A study recently published in Scientific Reports showed that a new technology product actually helped the participants suffering from Presbyopia …

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