Photosynthetic Dishes Store Energy While Being Used

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Home solar panels have become more and more common as the technology becomes cheaper to create and people see the growing expense of higher energy costs. This new invention takes the concept of micro managing energy savings to a whole new level. This cabinet and dishes set actually stores energy in the glassware you use everyday, and stores it in the cabintet to be used later on. The cabinet can be used to charge a phone or turn on a light.

The Energy Collection, as its called, was designed by Marjan van Aubel, a Royal College of the Arts student. A special battery is embedded inside the glassware and acts like a solar cell when used outdoors or around the house. It works because it contains a layer of photovoltaic dye. The dye was discovered by Michael Graetzel, after finding that it gives off an electron when light shines on it. By making one side positive and one side negative, a current is formed when light shines on the glass.

All you have to do is place them in their designated places on the shelf for the energy transfer to take place. The technology copies the process of photosynthesis, and even works with ambient or diffused light.


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