Getty Images & Microsoft Bury Hatchet, Partner

Getty Images & Microsoft Bury Hatchet, Partner

By Chris Crum April 7, 2015

It appears that Getty Images and Microsoft have buried the hatchet after legal issues last fall, as the two just announced a new partnership, which will see Microsoft taking advantage of Getty’s imagery. The two companies will work together to …

Yahoo Partners With Getty Images For Travel Image Results Yahoo Partners With Getty Images For Travel Image Results
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Yahoo announced a new update to Image Search today, which showcases scenic photos of destinations when you search for locations. When you search for a place or country, Yahoo will show Getty Images from that location. “This partnership allows us …

Pinterest Hires Former Google Lawyer Michael Yang Pinterest Hires Former Google Lawyer Michael Yang

If you’ve followed any of Google’s legal woes over the past few years, then you might be familiar with the name Michael Yang. In addition to handling the problem with Chrome’s terms of service — apparently anything you wrote in …

The Pinterest/Getty Images Battle The Pinterest/Getty Images Battle

Photo-sharing site Pinterest has had its share of legal troubles in the past, mostly because trying to keep up with every single image uploaded on a daily basis–as well as their origin–is a daunting task. Trying to police copyrights on …

Pinterest Could Have Trouble From Getty Images Pinterest Could Have Trouble From Getty Images

TechCrunch reports that Jonathan Klein of Getty Images doesn’t have a problem with people using the photos that his company distributes, even if they’re not paying for them. Until… that company starts making money. Klein was at SXSW this year …

Demand Media and Getty Images Agreement Announced

Demand Media and Getty Images jointly announced today that they have entered a licensing agreement. That means searchers are likely to start seeing  a great deal more images from Getty appear in their results. Under the agreement, Demand Media will …

Life Goes Live Online

Getty Images and Time Inc. have partnered to launch Life.com, which will feature seven million photos from the 1850s through today.

The photos feature descriptions and are categorized allowing users to view, rate, share and link to images in the vast collection.  In addition to the Life photos, Getty plans on adding about 3,000 new images daily.

Getty Images Now Offering Flickr Pics

Flickr and Getty Images announced a partnership last summer to make licensing Flickr images easy. Now, they have launched the site where users can do just that. They’re referring to it as simply the Flickr Collection.

The collection contains handpicked images with "an originality and authenticity rare in stock photos" in the site’s words. The images come in both rights-managed and royalty-free options.

Jupitermedia Changes Name to WebMediaBrands

JupitermediaJupitermedia is changing its name to "WebMediaBrands Inc." The announcement comes along with the official sale of Jupiterimages to Getty Images for $96 million in cash.

Jupitermedia Reports Earnings Are Down
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Jupitermedia Corporation has released its earnings report for the third quarter of 2008.

Revenues for the third quarter of 2008 were $31 million down from revenues of $34.8 million for the same period last year. The company says its loss per diluted share was $0.63 and included non-cash stock based compensation expense, legal fees related to the recent signed stock purchase agreement with Getty Images.

Jupitermedia Sells Image Business To Getty For $96 Million

Jupitermedia Corporation said today that it is selling its online images business to Getty Images for $96 million in cash. This sale will re-focus the company on the B2B content business which is arguably a step in the right direction.

New Getty Deal Compliments Flickr’s Photographers

Here’s the less exciting side of a new development: Flickr users aren’t being given any choice other than to go about their business as usual.  But on the more interesting front: Getty Images will begin swooping in to offer some of them commercial opportunities.

Getty Images Not Getting Great Acquisition Bids

In a superficial sense, there are a couple of similarities between Yahoo and Getty Images: the first word of both companies’ names contains five letters, and both companies’ stocks are worth between $24 and $30 per share.  Here’s one more parallel: like Yahoo, Getty Images can’t seem to get as much money as it wants from would-be acquirers.

Getty Images Falls Victim to the Changes of the Internet

It seems like every week there’s another example of how the Internet has toppled business models that have been in place longer than the Internet itself.

Control is not really possible when there are so many ways to pirate or undercut sales. The newspaper, music, movie, and now images market are changing drastically (and I love to read Seth Godin’s take on the changes).

Getty Images For Sale
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Getty Images, the world’s largest supplier of pictures and video to the media is for sale.

MySpace Launches Channel For Celebrities

MySpace has launched MySpace Celebrity, a channel focused on entertainment culture, news, blogs, videos, and events.

The social networking site wants MySpace Celebrity to be a popular online destination for celebrities to communicate directly with their fans in the MySpace community. The site has 300 official celebrity MySpace profiles on the new channel, including actors, musicians, athletes, comedians and socialites.

Getty Images Offers Music Service

Getty Images, known for its stock photos, has launched its new music licensing service called Soundtrack, which will focus on offering music tracks to broadcasters, filmmakers and advertisers.