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Google Summer Of Code Gets Over 1,000 Student Participants Google Summer Of Code Gets Over 1,000 Student Participants

Now that summer has begun for all those kids still in college, it’s high time to find a summer job. If you’re a programmer or developer in college, chances are you already have that summer job. Google Summer of Code …

German Court Rules Phishing Victim at Fault German Court Rules Phishing Victim at Fault

It would appear that German courts have little rational tolerance for various sorts of internet idiocy as of late, recently ruling that Youtube is responsible for its users when they upload copyrighted songs – and now a German Federal court …

YouTube Loses German Royalties Case YouTube Loses German Royalties Case

YouTube, the most popular video platform on the web, has been taking some heat over music clip royalties as of late. It was recently reported that parody singer Weird Al Yankovic is suing Sony for $2.5 million, over videos of …

Google Finally Registers Gmail Name in Germany Google Finally Registers Gmail Name in Germany

Up until very recently, Google has been unable to register its ‘@gmail’ extension in Germany, and users were forced to type @googlemail.com when sending a message, all because the ‘G-mail’ name had been copyrighted in that country, long before Google …

German Tree is Adorned with 10,000 Decorative Eggs

Decorating trees with eggs is a German tradition and Volker Kraft has taken this observance to a whole new level by adorning a tree with 10,000 ornamental eggs with the help of his family. Kraft lives in Saafeld, Germany and …

German Lawmakers May Be Jeopardizing Search German Lawmakers May Be Jeopardizing Search

News aggregation as we know it, and possibly even search as we know it, may be in danger – at least in Germany. German lawmakers are reportedly kicking around new legislation, which if turned into law, would require a news …

Artist Makes Facebook ID Cards Artist Makes Facebook ID Cards
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German artist Tobia Leingruber recently published a website called fbbureau, which offered Facebook ID cards to one day replace driver’s licenses and passports, in mocking protest of the high level of personal data the social networking site has on its …

Germany Delays Signing ACTA

Have all the anti-ACTA protests started to sway European politicians? Maybe this weekend’s plans for mass protest is what did it, but there does appear to be some headway being made against the overreaching attempts at Internet regulation that have …

Google Chrome Gets Endorsement From German Government Google Chrome Gets Endorsement From German Government

Google’s adoration from governments is no longer limited to the United States because now they’ve earned some love from Germany. In a statement released this week, the Federal Office for Information Security made several recommendations for PC users running Windows …

Voss Rejects Samsung’s Second 3G Patent Lawsuit Voss Rejects Samsung’s Second 3G Patent Lawsuit

Mannheim’s Regional Court’s Judge Andreas Voss dismissed the second 3G patent lawsuit against Apple by Samsung. Samsung has been seeking settlements from Apple on infringement claims regarding various 3G/ UMTS patents in various jurisdictions. These lawsuits merely add to a …

Apple Sues Samsung (Again) To Halt Sales In Germany

Whew. 2012 arrived and there was a brief concern that Apple and Samsung might drop their 2011 pastime of suing each other in as many countries as possibly. Lucky for, uh, I guess people who could win lawsuits, they have …

BillSafe Acquired By eBay BillSafe Acquired By eBay
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eBay announced that it has acquired BillSafe, a purchase-on-invoice technology provider. eBay will combine the technology with PayPal in Germany. eBay has owned a minority stake in BillSafe since October 2010. Now it owns the whole thing. eBay says BillSafe …

Google Gets Around Analytics Issues in Germany Google Gets Around Analytics Issues in Germany

Early this year, reports surfaced that the German government would possibly fine businesses for using Google Analytics, saying that the tool violates people’s privacy, but Google said at the time: “Google Analytics complies with European data protection laws and is …

Germany Dislikes Facebook’s Like Button Germany Dislikes Facebook’s Like Button
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Apparently, it will soon be illegal to like anything in Germany anymore, at least through Facebook. Thanks to a determination given by “the data protection centre of the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein” (ULD), the Facebook “Like” button violates Germany’s …

Google Invests $5 Million In German Solar Plant Google Invests $5 Million In German Solar Plant
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So long as German competition authorities prove agreeable, it seems that Google will soon be in part responsible for powering the lights (and computers) at a number of German homes.  Google announced this morning that it intends to invest about …

Google Street View Okayed By German Court
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German citizens may soon have the opportunity to wave at (or dodge) many more cars sporting 15 camera lenses.  In a big win for Google, a Berlin court has ruled that the Street View program doesn’t break any of Germany’s …

Eric Schmidt Speaks at Humboldt University: Full Video

Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke at Humboldt University in Berlin last week. Google has now made video of the entire speech available.

He talks about Google increasing its presence in Europe and Germany, and the funding of a center for discussing/debating the evolution of the web. He also announces a small business initiative.

He then talks about OnePass, the new subscription service the company announced recently.  

There are some microphone issues at the beginning that are somewhat comical. 

Google Plans 1,000-Person Hiring Spree In Europe

Anyone concerned that Google’s growth will slow under Larry Page can probably at least put aside those fears with respect to the company’s headcount.  Outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt announced today that Google intends to hire 1,000 people in Europe alone.

eBay Pays $200 Million to Acquire Brands4friends [Update]
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Update: eBay just announced that it has completed the acquisition. 

German Government May Fine Businesses for Using Google Analytics
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How much do you rely on web analytics? Probably a great deal, and with good reason. It’s incredibly hard to get ahead online without looking at analytics and using that information to your advantage. Many of you probably use Google Analytics for this, but what if the government threatened to fine you for doing so? 

Google Street View Debuts In Germany
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Google’s had a difficult time launching Street View in Germany; over the past two years, there have been random outcries, more formal protests, and a first-of-its-kind opt-out program.  Finally, though, Google’s made it possible to drag Pegman over the country and view at least a few spots from the perspective of a pedestrian.

This move doesn’t constitute a full launch; the first batch of photographs just covers the town of Oberstaufen, a handful of traditional landmarks (including Berlin’s Victory Column and a public square in Dresden), and ten sports stadiums.