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Ancient Baby DNA Linked To Native Americans

A new development in the origin of the Native Americans has been unearthed recently in Livingston, Montana. In 1968, the skeletal remains of a male baby was discovered by construction workers in the northeastern part of the area, and numerous artifacts were also found buried along with it. Covered in red ochre, the body was accompanied by more than 100 …

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Melanomas Often Mutate in Two Specific Ways, Shows Study

A new study has shown that 71% of melanoma tumors have two specific mutations. The mutations were found in an area of the cancer genome where cancer-related mutations have not been found previously. “This new finding represents an initial foray into the ‘dark matter’ of the cancer genome,” said Dr. Levi Garraway, senior author of the study and an assistant …

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Is The Future Of Marketing In Genetics?

At risk of sounding like a total nutjob, I want to explore some interesting technologies that are developing that could one day have an impact on how marketers target their audiences, and how consumers are fed information by those who want to get their messages to us. As a consumer, what technologies with marketing potential are you most excited or …

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Yahoo! Unveils Genome

Yahoo Inc. just announced Genome, a new online advertising solution, at Internet Week New York. Below is a clip regarding the new platform: Genome, set to be available sometime in July, combines Yahoo! data, interclick’s third party data and advertisers’ first party data to afford marketers the most complete, custom audience solution on the web. The new platform will fall …

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