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Firefox OS Dev Units Now Available For Purchase

It was revealed last week that the Firefox OS dev units from Geeksphone would finally be shipping after missing their originally planned launch in February. Now the phones are available, but you’re still going to have to wait. Engadget reports that both the Keon and Peak Firefox OS dev units are now available from the Geeksphone online store. The Keon …

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Developers Can Get Their Hands On Firefox OS Dev Units Next Week

Until now, developers interested in getting their hands on actual Firefox OS hardware had to either attend a workshop or install the OS on their Sony android device. Now Geeksphone is finally ready to start shipping out Firefox OS dev units. Engadget reports that Geeksphone will start selling the Keon and Peak Firefox OS dev units next week. The Keon …

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Here’s Your First Look At The Firefox OS Developer Preview Phones

Developers have been able to build apps for Firefox OS for a while now. The only caveat was that they had to build apps within a simulator as the hardware wasn’t available yet. That all changes soon as Mozilla has announced the first hardware being built with Firefox OS in mind. Mozilla announced this morning that it’s building two Firefox …

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