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Jonah Hill Appears On ‘Tonight Show’ To Apologize For Gay Slur

Just last week, Jonah Hill was all over the news when he said a homophobic slur to a paparazzi who was following him. The incident was caught on video. On Tuesday, Hill guested on The Tonight Show to talk about his upcoming film with Channing Tatum, 22 Jump Street. He also took the opportunity to give a sincere apology about …

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Alec Baldwin Catches Heat for Anti-Gay Slur

In other not-so-surprising news, Alec Baldwin said something offensive. Again. And a day after his most recent temper tantrum, MSNBC suspended Baldwin’s late night show for at least two weeks. Baldwin referred to a photographer as a “c***sucking fag**t” on Thursday, a comment he at first denied and threatened to sue for, but has since apologized for making. Just in …

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Troy Aikman Has Gay Slur Directed His Way

If you’re a Washington Redskins fan, you probably were none too happy when they lost to the Denver Broncos on Sunday. A win was in sight, and then BOOM, the Broncos defense stepped up their game and Peyton Manning continued to be, well, Peyton Manning. A loss like that can make a fan sour, but so sour you have to …

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Rap God: People Are Loving Eminem’s New Song [AUDIO]

What is it with rappers proclaiming themselves to be gods these days? Just a few months after Kanye West uploaded his “I Am A God” song to YouTube, Eminem released his new song, “Rap God.” The song gets the name from one of the lines in the song that says, “I’m beginning to feel like a rap god.” Eminem fans …

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Amare Stoudemire Fined For Tweeting Gay Slur

The NBA has fined Amare Stoudemire $50,000 for calling a fan a “fag” on Twitter. The fan originally tweeted “you better come back a lot stronger and quicker to make up for this past season mannnnnn deadasss!!!” So Amare’s comment back to him “really one-ups” this ridiculous taunt. The language, or even the fact that he dignified the fans taunting …

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