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Which New Gadgets Will Capture Consumers’ Interests This Year?

The Consumer Electronics show (CES) made it clear that when it comes to gadgets, thinner is better. Ultra books and ultra thin television sets are going to be the wave of the future. Ultra books are ultra light, ultra thin laptops with instant on technology. Several manufacturers have unveiled 55 inch flat screens that are only a few millimeters thick. …

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CES 2012: Education, Innovation Key To Growth

In the midst of the technology gauntlet that is CES, some people still took time out to talk about education and innovation as it relates to the tech industry. A panel of CEOs from Xerox, Ford and Verizon spoke on education and innovation during CES as reported by Vegas Inc. The executives pointed out that better education and economic diversification …

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CES 2012: CEA President Shapiro Blasts SOPA In Keynote

Speaking yesterday morning at the Qualcomm CES keynote, Gary Shapiro blasted SOPA and its backers and supporters for their efforts to stifle both free speech and innovation. Shapiro is president of the Consumer Electronics Association, the organization responsible for CES. Shapiro pulled no punches in his criticism of the act and its backers. He called SOPA a “threat to innovation,” …

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