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Google Plus Games and Facebook Privacy Comparison
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For those of us eagerly awaiting brand pages, Google Plus has recently thrown us a bone in our wait by adding a new “Games” offering to its social network. These games are reminiscent of the current games that are available …

Facebook Games, Apps Revamped, Following Google+ Games Launch
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As you may have heard, Google announced the launch of games on Google+. Well, Facebook quickly followed that announcement with one called “Making Games Better,” which includes news of a new game ticker and a bigger screen for game play, …

PlayStation Vita Launch Pushed to 2012 PlayStation Vita Launch Pushed to 2012

It looks like American and European gamers are going to have to wait a little longer than expected to get their hands on Sony’s new handheld device. The PlayStation Vita will launch in the U.S. and Europe sometime in early …

Words With Friends On Facebook Is Now A Reality Words With Friends On Facebook Is Now A Reality

Well, it looks like the war between Facebook and Google+ is officially over. Scrabble spinoff and cocaine-like word game Words With Friends will now be playable on the web via Facebook. Sorry, Google+, you tried. In all seriousness, a web-based …

Google+ Going Business and Pleasure (Games) Google+ Going Business and Pleasure (Games)
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You may have to be a little patient, but you will be able to set up a business profile on Google+ within the next few months if Google sticks to its word. The company has been pulling the plug on …

When It Comes To Mobile Gaming, The Freemium Model Pays When It Comes To Mobile Gaming, The Freemium Model Pays
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In an app store that just hit 15 billion downloads, there is now hard data to suggest that games offered for free actually generate more revenue than paid games. Sound counter-intuitive? It’s not when you think about it in the …

Weeds Season 7 Premieres Tonight, Gets Farmville-Like Facebook Game Weeds Season 7 Premieres Tonight, Gets Farmville-Like Facebook Game

Tonight debuts the first episode in the 7th season of the popular Showtime series Weeds. What have the Botwins been up to since we last left them? Apparently quite a bit, but were going to have to slowly fill in …

Amazon Mac Download Store Launched to Compete with Apple Mac Store Amazon Mac Download Store Launched to Compete with Apple Mac Store
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Amazon has launched the Mac Download Store, a direct competitor to Apple’s own Mac App Store, which was launched earlier this year. This follows another recent move by Amazon, when it released its own version of the Android Market. Amazon’s …

iPad Games for Cats Courtesy of Friskies iPad Games for Cats Courtesy of Friskies
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We have known for quite some time now that cats love iPads. If you put an iPad on the floor, every cat will paw at any moving object on the screen, resulting is a combination of cuteness, hilarity and concern …

Zynga Entices Gamers With RewardVille
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Zynga, the social game developer behind the popular FarmVille, has launched an online rewards program called RewardVille. RewardVille offers players the ability to earn Zynga-level points and coins, and access exclusive limited edition virtual goods from multiple games. “With RewardVille, …

Mike Tyson Appears at SXSW to Promote iPhone/iPad Game Mike Tyson Appears at SXSW to Promote iPhone/iPad Game
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One of the main attrations at SXSW Interactive has been boxing legend Mike Tyson. He appeared for two and a half hours or so today at the event’s Screenburn arcade, to help RockLive promote a new game based on his …

Google Game Developer Central Launches

Games make people happy.  They also, as anyone who’s seen a guy glued to a controller or a mob the morning of a major release can attest, make people willing to sacrifice lots of time and money.  Google may be onto something, then, as the search giant today launched a site called Google Game Developer Central.

Google Snags Microsoft Kinect Developer
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Last year, Google invested in Zynga and Ngmoco, acquired Slide and Jambool, and unveiled games intended for the Chrome Web Store in rapid succession.  Now, the search giant may be ready to take another game-related step, as it’s hired Kinect developer Johnny Chung Lee to join a special projects group.

CityVille Poised To Pass FarmVille As Top Facebook Game
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In the tech community, a lot of people profess to dislike Facebook games such as FarmVille and CityVille.  They’re snubbed due to requiring little thought or skill, and viewed with suspicion since users are encouraged to spend real money.  But there’s no denying their popularity, and it looks like CityVille is about to take the crown.

A few days ago, bloggers noticed that CityVille was closing in on Farmville – long Facebook’s top game – in terms of monthly active users.  Now it looks like a changeup is imminent.

Zynga Acquires Mobile Game Developer Newtoy

Zynga said today it has acquired Texas-based mobile game development company, Newtoy, makers of mobile games including Words With Friends and Chess With Friends.

The Newtoy headquarters in McKinney, Texas will become The Zynga With Friends Studio. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Angry Birds Completes Flight To Android
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Don’t be surprised if a lot of Android users spend more than a few extra minutes toying with their phones today.  A free version of Angry Birds, the game that’s occupied the top spot in Apple’s App Store for months, has finally been released for Google’s mobile operating system.

Kinect to Launch with Campaigns from Chevy, Sprint & T-Mobile
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It turns out Microsoft’s Kinect, the Xbox add-on that lets users play games without controllers, is not just entertainment for users, but an interesting advertising platform for businesses. Microsoft revealed some campaigns from Chevorlet, Sprint and T-Mobile, which will launch with Kinect on November 4. 

Facebook Should Now Be Less Annoying to Those Who Don’t Play Games

Facebook has launched some new features related to controlling game updates seen in the news feed. Before, Facebook users could hide an application story or block it completely, but now game stories will only post to the news feed if you’re actually playing the game. 

Booyah Utilizes Facebook Places for Standalone App
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Booyah, makers of the check-in app/game MyTown, have unveiled a new game today, and it is is the first standalone app to utilize the recently launched Facebook Places API.

"In addition to being the first app built exclusively for Facebook Places, it is the only app that accesses Facebook Search," says Booyah.

SocialDeck Announces Acquisition by Google
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Google continues its pattern of social gaming-related acquisitions with the acquisition of SocialDeck. Inside Social Games has discovered a letter posted to SocialDeck’s website, announcing the acquisition. The letter says:

Google Loses Games Advocate After Four Months

It’s widely accepted that Google is one of the world’s best employers, and every open position is fought over by a multitude of applicants.  However, a man who was supposed to help bridge the gap between Google and the gaming industry has left after only about four months on the job.

Mark DeLoura held the title "Developer Advocate, Games," and he doesn’t seem to have been lured away by another company.  DeLoura didn’t cite any other usual excuse for quitting, either.  As a result, his departure may turn out to be a problem for Google.